Last updated Jul 26, 2022

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Manage app alerts

To help you maintain app performance for your users, we’ve introduced alerts for changes to your app’s invocation success rate. This means that If your app’s invocation success rate falls below 99%, we’ll send you an email. If you don’t want to receive these emails, you can mute and unmute the alert at any time.

Alert cycle

An alert goes through the following cycle:

  1. When the invocation success rate drops below the target rate of 99%, this triggers an alert and we will send you an email to let you know.

  2. The alert remains open until the invocation success rate has returned to 99% or above.

  3. Once the success rate has returned to 99% or above, the alert is closed, and we will send you an email to let you know.

Alert emails

When the success rate of your app falls below 99%, the alert is triggered, and you’ll receive an email like this:

Example of email showing triggered alert

The email includes the following details:

  • Metric: The metric that triggered the alert, in this case, invocation success rate
  • Target value: The target value for this metric, currently set at 99% for invocation success rate
  • Current value: The current value for this metric in your app
  • Environment: The Forge app environment that your app is deployed to. We currently only alert you for apps deployed to the production environment.
  • Starts at: The time at which the alert was first triggered
  • App ID: Your app ID

To learn more, select the View app metrics button. This link will take you to the developer console metrics screen, at the exact time that the alert was triggered, to help you debug the app.

Once the success rate has returned to 99% or above, and the alert has closed, you’ll receive an email to let you know.

Mute and unmute alerts

If you don’t want to receive any emails for the triggered or closed alert, then you can mute the alert.

To mute or unmute the alert:

  1. Access the developer console.
  2. Select the Forge app that you want to mute or unmute alerts for.
  3. Select Alerts in the left menu.
  4. Select the dropdown menu in the top right corner, then select Mute or Unmute alert. Alerts screen for muting and unmuting alert
  5. Click on Mute/Unmute alert once again on the modal.

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