Last updated Mar 1, 2024

This section describes a Forge preview feature. Preview features are deemed stable; however, they remain under active development and may be subject to shorter deprecation windows. Preview features are suitable for early adopters in production environments.

We release preview features so partners and developers can study, test, and integrate them prior to General Availability (GA). For more information, see Forge release phases: EAP, Preview, and GA.

Known limitations and issues

This page lists currently known limitations and issues related to UI Kit 2.


  • Using TypeScript for resolver files causes deployment failures. You will get an error like TS2304: Cannot find the name “Forge UI“ when doing a forge deploy. You can work around this by adding a rule into the tsconfig.json file to only include the src file.
  • TextField is not rendering correctly (for example, not showing the default value if set).


Supported products and their modules

Support for UI Kit 2 is currently limited to certain products and modules.

ProductsSupportedSupported modules
  • jira:adminPage
  • jira:dashboardGadget
  • jira:globalPage
  • jira:issueAction
  • jira:issueActivity
  • jira:issueContext
  • jira:issueGlance
  • jira:issuePanel
  • jira:projectPage
  • jira:projectSettingsPage
  • confluence:contentAction
  • confluence:contentBylineItem
  • confluence:contextMenu
  • confluence:globalPage
  • confluence:globalSettings
  • confluence:homepageFeed
  • confluence:spacePage
  • confluence:spaceSettings
  • macro
Jira Service ManagementYes
  • jiraServiceManagement:assetsImportType
  • jiraServiceManagement:organizationPanel
  • jiraServiceManagement:portalFooter
  • jiraServiceManagement:portalHeader
  • jiraServiceManagement:portalProfilePanel
  • jiraServiceManagement:portalRequestCreatePropertyPanel
  • jiraServiceManagement:portalRequestDetail
  • jiraServiceManagement:portalRequestDetailPanel
  • jiraServiceManagement:portalRequestViewAction
  • jiraServiceManagement:portalSubheader
  • jiraServiceManagement:portalUserMenuAction
  • jiraServiceManagement:queuePage
  • compass:adminPage
  • compass:componentPage
  • compass:dataProvider
  • compass:globalPage
  • compass:teamPage
  • bitbucket:repoCodeOverviewCard
  • bitbucket:repoCodeOverviewAction
  • bitbucket:repoPullRequestCard
  • bitbucket:repoPullRequestAction
  • bitbucket:repoMainMenuPage
  • bitbucket:repoSettingsMenuPage

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