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Jira dashboard background script

The jira:dashboardBackgroundScript module adds an invisible container to the Dashboards page.

Unlike dashboard gadgets, the dashboard background script is not influenced by the dashboard page navigation changes. This makes it the perfect candidate for:

  • distributing shared data
  • making heavy calculations
  • other optimizations

The dashboard background script is only rendered if there is at least one dashboard gadget within the same app present on the dashboard.


Because modules might be rendered in a different order, it is recommended to handle both scenarios.

Custom UI

Use the events API for communication between dashboard background scripts and dashboard gadgets.

Dashboard background script:

import { events } from '@forge/bridge';

// Emit the data to already rendered dashboard gadgets
events.emit('', 'initial-data');

// Listen to data change requests from dashboard gadgets
events.on('app.request-data', (payload) => {
  events.emit('', 'initial-or-changed-data');

Dashboard gadget:

import { events } from '@forge/bridge';

// Request the data in case the dashboard background script is already rendered

// Listen to data change
events.on('', (payload) => {
  console.log('The data has changed:', payload)




YesA key for the module, which other modules can refer to. Must be unique within the manifest.

Regex: ^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+$

resourcestringThe dashboard background script module requires a resource when building with custom UI.A reference to the static resources entry that the dashboard background script will render. See resources for more details.
resolver{ function: string } or
{ endpoint: string }

Set the function property if you are using a hosted function module for your resolver.

Set the endpoint property if you are using Forge remote (preview) to integrate with a remote back end.

Can only be set if the module is using the resource property.

Extension context

typestringThe type of the module.

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