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Jira workflow condition (preview)

The jira:workflowCondition module creates a workflow condition that can be configured on workflow transitions in company-managed projects.

Conditions control whether the user can execute a transition. If a condition fails, the user won't be able to execute the transition. For example, the user won't see the transition button on the View issue page.

Condition based on a Jira expression

You can use Jira expressions to evaluate the condition result.

For example, a condition that checks if the issue is assigned would look like this:

  - key: my-forge-workflow-condition
    name: Issue is assigned condition
    description: This condition allows executing the transition if the issue has an assignee.
    expression: issue.assignee != null

A workflow condition only evaluates to true if the provided Jira expression evaluates to true. It will evaluate to false in all other cases, including when:

  • the Jira expression fails to evaluate because of errors
  • the Jira expression returns anything other than a Boolean value
  • the app providing the workflow condition has been uninstalled.





A key for the module, which other modules can refer to. Must be unique within the manifest.

Regex: ^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+$

namestringYesThe name of the condition displayed in the workflow configuration.
descriptionstringYesThe description of the condition, shown when adding the validator to a transition.
expressionstringYesThe expression used to evaluate whether or not the transition should be executed.

The expression should return a Boolean value.

The expression is evaluated with the following context variables:

  • user (User): The user executing the transition.
  • issue (Issue): The transitioned issue.
  • project (Project): The project to which the issue belongs.
  • transition (Transition): The transition that the condition is being evaluated against.
  • groupOperator (String): The logical operator for a group the condition belongs to. Possible results are: AND, OR, or null. null is returned if the condition is the only condition in the transition.

Additionally, these are available for Jira Service Desk transitions:

  • customerRequest (CustomerRequest): The customer request selected for transition.
  • serviceDesk (ServiceDesk): The service desk the customer request belongs to.

Jira expressions events

Whenever an app-registered Forge workflow condition based on a Jira expression fails while executing, an avi:jira:failed:expression event is sent.

You can subscribe to this event in Forge apps.

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