Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Transfer cancellation

The transfer cancellation feature is available starting with Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) version 1.10.10 and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA) version 3.9.4

A customer may choose to cancel a migration transfer by:

  • using the 'Cancel' option in the migration assistant at least 30 minutes after the transfer started
  • requesting cancellation through Atlassian Support

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When the cancellation is initiated, the app migration platform does the following:

  • Sends a transfer cancellation webhook event.
  • Waits for the cloud app to settle the transfer.

Acknowledge the transfer cancellation event

When app migration platform sends a transfer-cancellation-requested event to your cloud app, your app should acknowledge the event with an HTTP 200 response. If you don’t, the platform will continue to retry the request.

The following is an example of a transfer-cancellation-requested event:

  "cloudAppKey": "my-cloud-app-key",
  "transferId": "e4166374-2345-4c31-918c-83b14eb644f6",
  "migrationDetails": {
    "migrationId": "8e60dc59-78d6-484f-966a-a09ff8be8ed0",
    "migrationScopeId": "442bdd69-622d-323d-889d-383b41d8e536",
    "name": "Migration of my Confluence page",
    "createdAt": 1597211035,
    "jiraClientKey": "unknown",
    "confluenceClientKey": "03a7cb4b-23b6-3a79-8916-8824a053e786",
    "cloudUrl": ""
  "eventType": "transfer-cancellation-requested",
  "messageId": "uuid"

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Settle the transfer

When the app migration platform sends a transfer-cancellation-requested event, the migration assistant displays the status of the migration as "Canceling.” At this point, your cloud app has 60 minutes to complete any clean-up tasks and then settle transfer when done.

Failure to settle the transfer

When your cloud app fails to settle the transfer within 60 minutes, the app migration platform automatically settles the transfer. Any existing access grants on that transferId are revoked.

Settle the transfer as promptly as possible to provide a smooth experience for the customer and enable customers to re-run the canceled migration earlier should they choose to.

Use the Status REST API Report progress operation to settle the transfer with one of these statuses:

  • INCOMPLETE: Use when the cloud app was able to finish cleaning up.
  • FAILED: Use when the cloud app failed to finish cleaning up.

The status you send to settle the cancelled transfer is only recorded on the app migration platform. The migration assistant displays a status of CANCELED.

When settling the transfer, we strongly recommend including a message to inform the customer about the state of the transfer after the cancellation. For example:

  • information about the cleanup, if it was performed or why cleanup failed
  • features that will not work as expected due to cancellation
  • manual steps the customer may need to perform

The migration assistant displays the message in the progress logs.

Customers can request to re-run the migration

Once the transfer is cancelled, the customer can request to re-run the migration.

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