Last updated Dec 14, 2021

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Migration Feedback channel

This page describes how to send feedback from your cloud app to the server app, and how to fetch feedback in your server app about the migration.

Send feedback from your cloud app

Your cloud app can use the Feedback channel API to send feedback about the migration to your server app.

New feedback will overwrite any existing feedback. The feedback object is a Optional<Map<String, Object>>.

About the Feedback channel API

Use the following endpoint to send feedback from your cloud app to the server app:


In the endpoint above, specify the {transferId} that you want to send feedback about.

See an example

This section shows you an example of a request and response to send feedback.

  • Sample request

    curl -X POST "" \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '{"key1":["your feedback1"],"key2":"value"}'
  • Sample response

    200 OK

The example above is part of our sample app.

Fetch feedback in your server app

Your server app can use the App cloud migration library to retrieve feedback about the migration sent by your cloud app.

See an example

Optional<Map<String, Object>> cloudFeedbackResponse = gateway.getCloudFeedbackIfPresent(transferId);

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