Last updatedMay 17, 2021

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Testing your migration in dev mode

Please refrain from using this in production as pre-flight checks are important for the product consistency.

This page provides information on how to disable App migration pre-flight checks or validations when you perform a manual test of your migration and changes to your server app.

Pre-flight checks or validations ensure that your Jira/Confluence customers have the best experience possible while performing a migration. However, you do not need a cloud app installed in order to test a local change to your server app, and having to perform pre-flight checks or validations can get in the way of your testing. The App migration platform allows you to temporarily disable validations/pre-flight checks when you test changes to your server app.

The steps in the following section allow you to:

  • temporarily disable pre-flight checks/validations
  • check whether your migration listeners work

Disable validations/pre-flight checks for testing

  1. Navigate to the Dark Feature page
  2. Add in the text box.

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