Last updatedMar 23, 2021

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Testing your migration in dev mode

Dev mode is currently only available in Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant (CCMA). We'll make it available in Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) when we release the EAP UI.

Please refrain from using this in production as pre-flight checks are important for the product consistency.

This page provides information on how to disable App migration pre-flight checks or validations when you perform a manual test of your migration and changes to your server app.

Pre-flight checks or validations ensure that your Jira/Confluence customers have the best experience possible while performing a migration. However, you do not need a cloud app installed in order to test a local change to your server app, and having to perform pre-flight checks or validations can get in the way of your testing. The App migration platform allows you to temporarily disable validations/pre-flight checks when you test changes to your server app.

The steps in the following section allow you to:

  • temporarily disable pre-flight checks/validations
  • check whether your migration listeners work

Disable validations/pre-flight checks for testing

  1. Navigate to the Dark Feature page
  2. Add in the text box.

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