Last updated Jan 25, 2024

Dev mode

Don't use dev mode in production, as pre-flight checks are important for product consistency.

Dev mode allows developers to bypass certain checks and requirements and also update user interface interactions in order to speed up the development progress.

This page provides information on how to use dev mode for app migration to:

  • disable pre-flight checks or validation
  • disable app assessment requirements
  • update progress reporting to 1 minute intervals

The behaviour and steps of the migration will remain unaltered, with the exception of app-related preflight checks and validations, and app assessment requirements.

Preflight checks and validations

Pre-flight checks or validations ensure that your Jira/Confluence customers have the best experience possible while performing a migration. However, you do not need a cloud app installed in order to test a local change to your server app, and having to perform pre-flight checks or validations can get in the way of your testing. In dev mode, the platform disables app-related validations and pre-flight checks, with the exception of App Vendor Checks. The disabled checks won't be visible in the Premigration Errors screen, nor will they prevent the migration from running.

App assessment requirements

App assessment requires you to select each server app you are testing in order for it to be included in app migration. Using dev mode removes this requirement. In dev mode, the app migration platform triggers every server app that has implemented a listener, regardless of whether the app is selected for migration in the assessment screen. These apps will be included in the migration plan, and their migration progress will appear in the Migration Details page.

Dev mode configuration

  1. Navigate to the Dark Feature page for your product:
    • Use the following link to enable the Confluence dark features: <Confluence_URL>/admin/darkfeatures.action
    • Use the following link to enable the Jira dark features: <Jira_URL>/secure/SiteDarkFeatures!default.jspa
  2. Add in the text box.
  3. Click Add or Submit.

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