Last updated Nov 8, 2023

Server side exceptions

Server apps can face issues when executing server side listener method (onStartAppMigration) and stop with an exception. We have seen cases where such server side failures caused the migrations of several apps to expire, as their cloud apps were not aware of server side failure and had not updated their transfer status to a settled state within 14-day time period.

How your cloud app can know about the occurrence of server side exceptions

This feature is available for app migrations using CCMA v3.3.7 and JCMA v1.7.2 onwards.

Your cloud app will be notified with webhook event of type listener-errored when the execution of your server side listener method onStartAppMigration has stopped with an exception.

What your cloud app can do on the occurrence of server side exceptions

  • Your cloud app can know more about the exception thrown by your server app using the fetch server side error API
  • If your server app stops performing any migration operations for a given transfer on termination of onStartAppMigration, we recommend your cloud app to update the transfer status to a meaningful settled status based on data received so far from your server app.

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