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Create your Marketplace listing

Launching your app is an exciting stage of your Marketplace Partner journey. It usually takes 5-10 business days for our team to start a review. Errors in a submission can cause back and forth, or delays to your launch.

For a video overview, watch Listing your Marketplace app

Best practices for listing your app

Maximize your chances of app approval by following best practice:

Cloud app listings

Best practices to follow when preparing your cloud app listing:

When you're ready to submit your cloud app:

  1. Create your Marketplace Partner Profile.
  2. Prepare your branding and marketing materials.
  3. Test your work.
  4. Submit your app for approval.
  5. Provide access to the Atlassian team members completing the review process.
  6. Market your app.
  7. Make money – or you can list your app for free.
  8. Add the Atlassian app licensing API to your app.
  9. Stay updated with the app review team in case they need more details, or find any issues.

If you're adding a cloud version of your existing server app, follow this guide.

Data Center app listings

Best practices to follow when preparing your Data Center app listing:

When you're ready to submit your Data Center app:

  1. Create your Marketplace Partner Profile.
  2. Submit the technical review for your Data Center app. While the Data Center team checks your technical review, you can continue with your app's Marketplace listing.
  3. Prepare your branding and marketing materials.
  4. Test your work.
  5. Submit your app for approval.
  6. Provide access to the Atlassian team members completing the review process.
  7. Market your app.
  8. Make money – or you can list your app for free.
  9. Once both your technical review and app's Marketplace listing are approved, you can publish your app.
  10. Stay updated with the app review team in case they need more details, or find any issues.

Common mistakes to avoid for your Data Center app submission

  • Start your technical review before you start your Data Center app submission.
  • If you're releasing a Data Center version of a server app, you must notify your customers at least three months before launch. This must happen three months before you start technical review. It helps to inform your customers they need to purchase a Data Center app at the next renewal date.

Reminder – submit your technical review each year

The technical review for your Data Center app is only valid for one year.

Give yourself plenty of time to test your app before the expiration date. We recommend setting a reminder 2-3 months before.

When you start your annual technical review, it's placed in the queue. Starting early gives our team time to process your submission. The sooner it's processed, the more time there is to sort through any questions or issues that may arise.

If you do not submit your annual technical review, and if our team does not hear from you, your app will be removed from the Atlassian Marketplace.

How we review app listings

The main criteria our team checks for Marketplace app listing submissions are:

  • Function: App is fully compatible with the Atlassian product and works as presented in the documentation and marketplace listing

  • Security: Security checks and vulnerabilities scans completed to reduce risk and critical issues for customers. View the Security requirements for cloud apps.

  • Performance: App performance demand and usability stress tested with large data sets and enterprise-size environments

  • Support: End User License Agreement, product documentation and partner support information is available for customers on the Marketplace listing. View some examples in the Cloud operations guide.

  • Branding: App listing follows the Atlassian branding requirements

Once you've submitted your listing, our team then:

  • Sets up the test environment
  • Checks the main functions of the app
  • Reviews the information provided on your Marketplace listing
  • Scans and validates security results
  • Investigates any issues and helps to provide a solution
  • Answers general questions

Create your Marketplace Partner profile

Every app is associated with a Marketplace Partner profile. A partner profile is a business entity, like Adaptivist or John Smith.

Your app code references your partner name, which is displayed to end users in the UPM and in the Marketplace.

You can create a new partner profile on the Atlassian Marketplace. Or, you can associate yourself with an existing partner.

  1. Log in to with your partner account.
  2. Click Manage vendor account from the profile menu in the upper right.
  3. Register your organization and contact details.
  4. Click Create vendor

Marketplace Partners were previously called vendors. That's why you'll see this name from time to time.

Prepare your branding

Looks count when it comes to selling apps. You app listing needs to follow the Atlassian branding requirements. Failure to comply may cause delays in your app launch.

  1. Assemble required branding materials.
  2. Declare your marketing assets with your JAR or app source code. 
  3. Include your partner name, app description, and version information in the pom.xml and descriptor file.

Some of these materials you place with your source code in your app JAR. Other materials you upload on the submission form when when you list your app.

Do's and Don't's of Marketplace branding

When it comes to your Marketplace branding, it's good to:

  • Use names that describe what your app does or that match your brand.
  • Keep your website and marketing asset names, domains, images, and colours distinct from Atlassian and other Marketplace Partners.
  • Leverage Marketplace badges. Be sure to use factual claims that demonstrate your success and focus on what makes your app unique.

It's important your branding does not:

  • Incorporate any Atlassian brand elements or modify them in your company or app logos. Atlassian's logos, product names, illustrations, and proprietary fonts are all part of its brand.
    • As a third party, logos that represent your company or your individual apps must not incorporate any elements of Atlassian brand, or modify them.
  • Start your app's name with an Atlassian product name. Instead, use Your app for Atlassian product name.
    • Don’t use names that seem to indicate the app is built by Atlassian.
  • Choose a domain that misrepresents your company as Atlassian. Atlassian (or our products) should never be used in your domain. This is misleading because it represents you as Atlassian. Examples of unapproved domains:

In general, make sure your app and brand does not misrepresent your company as Atlassian, or being built by Atlassian.

Make your listing stand out

Optimize your listing to attract more customers. This is particularly true for Enterprise customers. These customers spend a lot of valuable time researching app evaluation.

You can also check Building your presence on Marketplace for screenshots and specifications on what to include in your listing.

Elements of a standout listing include:

  • A demo video that:
    • Starts with a specific problem
    • Shows a specific solution
    • Includes humans
    • Shows the features last
    • Walks through the experience
    • Doesn't overwhelm the viewer
  • Messaging that speaks to your ideal customer. Think about:
    • What value does your app provide?
    • What benefits does it offer? Will it help customers save time?
    • What features make that happen?
  • A completed Privacy and security tab
  • Up-to-date documentation. Lack of current documentation can make or break a customer's purchase decision. It's important to:
    • Keep URL links updated
    • Test your documentation with your team, peers, or customers to check that it's accurate and easy to follow
    • Include visuals and examples
  • Marketplace badges you've earnt. Showcase these throughout your branding to stand out.

Find more App pricing strategies and resources in the Partner Portal.

You can also check out a video from our Developer Community members Accoil on their 3-must haves for an awesome Marketplacelisting:

Test your work

Test your app in the Atlassian product or products that your app works with.

  1. Verify that licensing works with extra Timebomb licenses for testing.
  2. Ensure that your app adheres to all the approval guidelines.

Submit your app for approval

Now you can submit your app for approval from the Marketplace team.

  1. Fill out this submission form to publish a new app.
  2. At the end of the form Accept the Marketplace Partner Agreement.
  3. Complete your listing description and make it stand out on the Marketplace.
  4. Submit your app for approval. For paid via Atlassian apps, supply your bank account details in your Partner account to receive remittances. This includes your bank name, address, account numbers, tax ID, and other information.

Each app is reviewed by a Marketplace support team member before being publicly listed.

This process can take a while depending on the current number of submissions ahead of yours. You should hear from a support member within 5 - 10 business days.

Market your app

After you receive approval from Atlassian, we recommend double-checking your app details page.

  1. Review your listing and make sure everything looks like you expected.
  2. Ensure you can install your app from the Marketplace, and that links and functionality are intact.
  3. Double-check that your partner profile financial information is complete and correct.

Once you've completed these steps, you can start to build your presence on Marketplace.

In this guide, you'll find resources such as:

  • Press and branding guidelines
  • Training and marketing campaign resources
  • Marketing tips and best practices
  • Co-marketing opportunities for Marketplace Partner Program members
  • How to build your presence on Marketplace
  • Tips for attracting new customers
  • Converting customers from “try” to “buy”

Learn how to access to the Partner Portal.

Make money

Our systems record each app evaluation or trial of your app. As these evaluations progress, our automated system sends emails to remind customers that their evaluation ends soon. These emails also prompt users to purchase a full license. Then, watch the Atlassian system work for you via automated reports. These reports provide daily and monthly sales and license reports.

  1. Read up on sales and renewals for paid via Atlassian listings.
  2. View your reports for paid via Atlassian Listings.

Add the Atlassian app licensing API to your app

Licensing controls let customers access your app from their Atlassian host product. Paid via Atlassian apps include the Atlassian app licensing API in order to be listed in the Marketplace.

Here's a tutorial to help you set this up.

Add a cloud version of an existing server app

If you already offer a server app and you're listing the cloud version of the same app, you should list them together (the inverse is also true).

Server end of sale and support is on Feb 15, 2024.

Each listing on Marketplace allows you to combine server and cloud versions with the same or different assets. This takes advantage of the SEO, ratings and reviews of your existing listing.  Your combined listing also looks more complete because both "server" and "cloud" models the listing display an available product.

To list your server and cloud app together, go to your current listing (i.e., server) and click "Create version", then submit your opposite deployment (i.e., cloud) version. You must use the same app key for both app types.

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