Last updated Jul 20, 2022

Atlassian brand guidelines for Marketplace Partners

Please review these brand guidelines carefully to ensure that you are always:

Below are branding do's and dont's with examples. Keep in mind that the examples provided are meant to be a guide and don't address all approved or non-approved scenarios. Always use your best judgment and file a ticket if you are uncertain about something.

Logos and assets

Atlassian's logos, wordmarks, product names, illustrations, and proprietary fonts are all part of its brand. As a third party, logos you use to represent your company or your individual apps must not incorporate any elements of our brand, or modify them.

Use a unique logo to represent your company and unique logos to represent your apps in the Atlassian Marketplace and Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). For specifics about logo specifications, see Building your presence on Marketplace.

Example of approved logo:

good to go

This app logo is proprietary to the company that creates the app. It is clear and simple and does not use Atlassian or product logos, wordmarks, fonts, names, illustrations, or icons.

Examples of NOT approved logos:

atlassian logos alone

atlassian logos together

Do not use our company or product logos, neither on their own nor in conjunction with your logo.

atlassian logos likeness

Do not create logos in the likeness of our company or product logos.

atlassian logos modified

Do not use modified or reconfigured versions of our logo pieces.

atlassian product names

Do not use our company or product names, wordmarks, or wordmark font.

atlassian illustrations

Do not use Atlassian-owned illustrations, icons, or other brand assets.

other companies logos

Do not use other companies' logos, mascots, or other assets without express written consent from the owner of the trademark. Make sure to submit evidence of this written consent with your app submission.

This being said, you may use our logos in your marketing assets, such as your website, white papers, and blog posts. We ask that you keep our logos up-to-date in your assets and show the most recent versions of our products in your screenshots, demo videos, etc. You can find all current versions of our logos here.

**Looking for a badge?** Refer to the [Developer Community]( for downloadable Atlassian Marketplace badges.

Atlassian product names

Some Atlassian product names used to be written in camel case, or in the case of Jira, all caps. Now, all of our product names are written in title case. That means each letter except the first letter in the name is lowercase. All references to our products in text must utilize the proper casing.

  • JIRA --> Jira
  • HipChat --> Hipchat
  • BitBucket --> Bitbucket
  • StatusPage --> Statuspage
  • FishEye --> Fisheye
  • SourceTree --> Sourcetree


As an Atlassian Marketplace Partner, it's important that you properly represent your relationship with Atlassian, i.e., that you are a third-party and not Atlassian itself. Always make it clear that you are a Marketplace Partner through the use of your authorized Marketplace badges and in the text on your website, in social media, on event booths, etc. All social media handles, tags, etc. should represent your brands only.

It's also important to make sure you are not making unsubstantiated claims in your marketing. This includes advertising, website copy, social media, sales decks, digital marketing, etc. Avoid subjective terms like best. Instead, use factual claims that demonstrate your success. Focus on what makes you/your app unique. Make it clear what you are offering the customer and why they should use your app.

Examples of approved messaging:

  • We are a partner in the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • We provide apps that extend the capabilities of Atlassian products.

Examples of NOT approved messaging:

  • We are the #1 Atlassian Marketplace Partner.
  • We make Atlassian's best apps.

Look and feel

Make sure to keep your names, domains, images, colors, etc., on your website and other marketing assets outside of Marketplace distinct from Atlassian and other Marketplace Partners. While you may think it's flattery, people whose work you copy will usually notice and complain about it.

App names

Use names that describe what your app does or that match your brand.

Don’t use names that seem to indicate the app is built by Atlassian. Don’t include the word Premium in your app name as it may confuse customers into thinking your app is only available on premium plans of Atlassian products.

Your app name should never start with an Atlassian product name. If you choose to have an Atlassian product name in your app name, use the following pattern: <Your app> for <Atlassian product>

Examples of approved names:

  • Bug Fixer for Jira
  • Themes for Confluence
  • Dropbox Connector for Bitbucket
  • Scrum Poker for Jira
  • Easy Pull Requests
  • Workflow Automator

Examples of NOT approved names:

  • Jira Bug Fixer
  • Confluence Themes
  • Bitbucket Dropbox Connector
  • Scrum Poker for Jira Premium
  • Premium Scrum Poker for Jira


When choosing a domain, don't use domains that misrepresent your company as Atlassian. Atlassian (or our products) should never be used in your domain. This is misleading because it represents you as Atlassian. You may, however, use Atlassian (or our products) in the URL path.

Examples of approved domains:


Examples of NOT approved domains:


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