Last updated Feb 14, 2023

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End of sale and support for server apps

As announced in Dec 2020, Atlassian will end the sale, installation, and support for server apps on Feb 15, 2024, as part of our initiative to move towards a cloud future together. We know this is a big decision and we would like you to stay supported and benefit from continued innovation by migrating to our cloud or Data Center products. According to Atlassian’s market research, this change will extend growth opportunities and open up new avenues for Marketplace partners to continue expanding their customer base and business plans.

What will change on the listing page?

Alt text                                                          App Overview

Alt text                                 Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) - Manage Apps

As of Feb 15, 2023, the sale and installation of server apps will no longer be available on Atlassian Marketplace. We will have an announcement banner on the app Overview page that would call out the update. The options for app purchase - ‘Try it free’ and ‘Buy it now’ buttons will no longer be visible on the listing page.

The ‘installation’ tab will also be removed from the listing page as customers will no longer need instructions on installing new apps. If you have instructions for installing version updates, we suggest you move this information to the Overview or Versions tab. Customers can update app version via Atlassian Marketplace until the end of support for server on Feb 15, 2024.

In Universal Plugin Manager (UPM), the same announcement message will be displayed, and the ‘Buy now’ & ‘Free trial’ buttons will be removed. Version upgrades to your app via the Manage apps section in UPM Server will continue until the end of support for server in February 2024.

How will server app pricing and licensing be impacted?

The maintenance end date for server apps sold through the Atlassian Marketplace will not extend beyond Feb 15, 2024. After this date, Atlassian will prevent the publishing of app updates or versions. Server app renewals will automatically be prorated until the end of support for server apps. This change applies to apps for Jira Software Server, Jira Service Management Server, Confluence Server, and Bitbucket Server. It also applies to Data Center customers who are using server apps.

For Bamboo and Crowd server apps, Atlassian will no longer accept new server app submissions starting August 20, 2023 and app sales will end on November 19, 2023. All app sales and renewals will be pro-rated to end on February 15, 2024 to align with Atlassian’s server end of support.

Server apps for Fisheye and Crucible are an exception and will continue to be sold on the Marketplace.

The deadline to add new server apps to an existing server or Data Center instance is Feb 15, 2023. Beyond the date, customers can't install new server apps or trials.

If customers choose not to uninstall the apps across their Data Center or server instances, they may continue to contact their Marketplace Partners directly. Note: certain methods of contacting the Marketplace Partner through the Atlassian Marketplace may be unavailable.

After the end of support date of Feb 15, 2024, server apps in use by Data Center customers will need to go through the Data Center approval process to remain available for sale on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Prepare for server end of support

If you don’t already have a cloud solution, try getting started with Forge or check out our other Cloud development options.

Once you've built a cloud version of your app, you can help server customers migrate using our data migration tools. Use the App migration platform APIs to integrate your existing migration paths with the Cloud Migrations Assistants or build your own migration path to cloud. This helps your customers stay on board as they also migrate to the cloud.

Unlike server apps, which can communicate with the host product directly using Java calls, cloud apps built with the Connect or Forge frameworks communicate mainly using HTTP requests. For more information on deployment options and comparison, read more.

You can also get to know more details regarding developer licenses for server and Data center through this documentation.

What does Atlassian’s server end-of-life timeline look like?


Over the past two years, we’ve taken several steps to prepare for this change. Since the announcement in October 2020, we:
  • Ended new sales of Atlassian server products on Feb 2, 2021.

  • Ended the submissions for new Marketplace server apps on May 1, 2021.

  • Server user tier upgrades and downgrades stopped being available for purchase on Feb 15, 2022. Customers needing to add or remove users must now move to cloud or Data Center.

On Feb 15, 2023 these milestones will happen:
  • Server (and Data Center) advantaged renewal pricing change goes into effect.

  • End of new server Marketplace app sales (including free apps).

This change will ensure customers aren’t left with unfulfilled app license agreements when we reach our Feb 15, 2024 end of support for server products.

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