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Last updatedJun 5, 2020

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Promotion codes in Marketplace reporting


Marketplace Partners are able to generate and provide Promotion codes for customers. This allows partners to grant specific percentage discounts on their apps. This is currently only available for Server apps, for more information on this please see:

Sales promotions for server apps

The Atlassian Marketplace provides partners with Paid via Atlassian apps access to reports on the licenses and transactions that occur. Currently these reports do not contain details on when a Promotion code was applied.

For example:

  • 100% discounts are classed as $0 sales and as such do not appear in the sales reporting.
  • Transactions that involve a promotion of less than 100% will show up in sales reporting, but they won't be labeled as such.

There is an open feature request for this addition of this behaviour which can be tracked here:

AMKT-15900 - Beta Feedback: Sale price should display fees, promotions, discounts

We encourage you to become a watcher on the issue and any comments or concerns you may have relating to this.

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