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Last updatedJun 18, 2020

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Marketplace Partner Program

The Marketplace Partner Program is launching on July 7, 2020. It is replacing the Top Vendor Program, and the Top Vendor Program will be discontinued.


The Marketplace Partner Program is comprised of three partner levels: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. These scaling levels recognize each partner's individual investment in the Atlassian platform and alignment with our strategy.

These Platinum, Gold, and Silver Marketplace Partners have met Atlassian requirements on:

  • Cloud and Data Center: Partners are investing in cloud and have Data Center Approved versions of their high-traction server apps.
  • Security: Partners are up-leveling their security practices by participating in our Marketplace Security Programs. For cloud apps that participate, we are introducing a new security badge on Marketplace so customers can make informed security decisions.

The Atlassian Partner Program allows us to ensure that customers have great experiences and reward partners who are most aligned with our objectives.

Marketplace Partner Program requirements

The Marketplace Partner Program requirements are shown in the following table:

Paid via Atlassian (PVA)
All paid cloud and Data Center apps must be PVAYesYesYes
Minimum of one paid cloud appYesYesYes
All paid server apps of minimum 500 installs must be Data Center approvedYesYesYes

Response time SLA to Atlassian for customer escalations

Monday to Friday based on address in Marketplace profile

Annual gross sales ("Purchase Price" in Marketplace reports)
Minimum $100K annual gross sales comprised of minimum 15% from cloud

Minimum $500K annual gross sales comprised of minimum 25% from cloud


Minimum $3M annual gross sales

Minimum $1M annual gross sales comprised of minimum 35% from cloud


Minimum $2M annual cloud gross sales

Security and trust
Paid Bug Bounty Program participationPublic paid cloud app with most installsAll public paid cloud apps >100 installsAll public paid cloud apps
CAIQ Lite questionnaire completed and reviewedYesYesYes

For additional details about the Data Center Apps requirement, please see:

For additional details about the security requirements, please see:

Marketplace Partner Program benefits

The Marketplace Partner Program Benefits are shown in the following table:

Partners with minimum 1 PVA appSilverGoldPlatinum
Premiere access

Access to one to many communications

Partner Portal, Ecosystem Council notes, and Marketplace product/program webinars and marketing webinars

Technical Partner ManagerOffice hoursDedicated
App Week attendance considerationYesYesPreferentialPreferential
Ecosystem Council attendeeConsideredConsideredConsideredPrioritized
Security consultations with Ecosystem Security teamOffice hoursOffice hoursPrioritized office hours
Marketing and events
Program tier badge in Marketplace partner profile pageYesYesYes
Program tier badge for use in marketing collateralMarketplace PartnerSilver Marketplace PartnerGold Marketplace PartnerPlatinum Marketplace Partner
Access to the ecosystem and product marketing campaigns roadmapYesYesYes
Co-marketing opportunities for guest blogging and product launch campaignsConsideredPreferentialPreferentialPrioritized
Summit and Open sponsorship opportunitiesAvailableAvailablePreferentialPrioritized
Summit and Open discounted or free tickets as a sponsorAvailableAvailableMore ticketsMost tickets
Marketplace insights and trends newsletterYesYesYesYes
Custom analyticsYes
Credits to purchase Atlassian products and Atlassian-made apps for internal use$2,500$20,000$35,000$50,000
Free access to security tools (Whistic and Bugcrowd)YesYesYesYes
Free BitbucketYesYesYesYes
Early access to programsPreferentialPrioritized

Program level review

Atlassian will review program levels every six months based on prior 12 months' performance.

As an example, review dates are on July 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021. On those dates, Atlassian will review the prior 12 months' performance:

  • July 1, 2020 to July 1, 2019
  • January 1, 2021 to January 1, 2020

Top Vendor Program

The Top Vendor Program is discontinued as of July 7, 2020.


This program gives recognition for vendors who have set the bar for excellence in app development and provide exemplary customer experiences.


This section details the entry level requirements for Top Vendor program.

Sell at least one paid-via-Atlassian appThe Top Vendor program requirements apply to paid-via-Atlassian apps. You must sell at least one paid-via-Atlassian app to become a Top Vendor.
Your paid-via-Atlassian app versions are installed in at least 500 active instances

At least 500 actively used product instances must report installation of your paid-via-Atlassian app versions. This is measured by the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM), which reports actively used host products (like Jira or Confluence) that have your apps installed.

Provide documentation for all paid via Atlassian apps

Provide a documentation URL for all paid via Atlassian apps.

Provide a support URL for all paid via Atlassian apps

Customers should be able to access your support URL and see a clear way to get support for your app — file a ticket, email your support team, or other ways to contact you. Your support URL should be hosted under your vendor name domain.

Offer support at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in your local time zone for all paid via Atlassian appsSupport hours can be any time, relative to your local timezone.
Publish and adhere to an SLA statement

Publish and adhere to a service level agreement (SLA) outlining your support and service level terms, available via URL. Your SLA should include: 

  • Support hours that match what you have listed on the Marketplace
  • Holidays
  • Response time expectations
Use an issue tracker like Jira to resolve and track customer-reported bugs and feature requests, for all paid via Atlassian appsYou don't need to use an Atlassian product to track your issues, but some kind of tracker to keep on top of customer-reported bugs and improvement requests.
Provide Atlassian with 24/7 emergency contact informationProvide an email address and phone number to Atlassian just in case we need to contact you for emergency support issues, such as those involving customer data loss or downtime. This information will only be used by Atlassian and will not be shared with customers. If something goes wrong, we should be able to reach you via this contact information 24/7. This information will be verified when reviewing the application.
Your site, Marketplace listing, and support documentation is available in EnglishThe documentation should be spell checked and easy to understand.
Your app listings must follow Atlassian Marketplace brand guidelinesRefer to Atlassian Marketplace brand guidelines).

Additionally, Top Vendors who have excelled in the quality of app development and dedication to our customers as witnessed by their success are automatically enrolled in the Gold and Platinum tiers of the Top Vendor program.

Gold Top VendorPlatinum Top Vendor
Most popular app must be available on cloudMost popular app must be available on cloud
$2 million (USD) + annually$3 million (USD) + annually

Sales are calculated for the Atlassian fiscal year July 1 - June 30, based on the sale price to the customer as seen in your vendor report found in the Marketplace portal.


All of your apps in the Atlassian Marketplace display the Top Vendor icon. This icon showcases the quality of your app and level of customer service that helps customers feel confident in their decision to try and buy your products.

Top VendorGold Top VendorPlatinum Top Vendor
  • Top Vendor icon on all Marketplace apps
  • Top Vendor icon on all Marketplace apps
  • Gold Top Vendor badge on all Marketing material
  • Premier access to Atlassian marketing
  • Top Vendor icon on all Marketplace apps
  • Platinum Top Vendor badge on all Marketing material
  • Premier access to Atlassian marketing
  • Partner training
  • Partner portal vendor guide
Premier access
  • Account manger
  • Ecosystem council
  • Account manager
  • Ecosystem council
  • Custom analytics
  • Early Summit sponsor notice
  • App Week premier access
  • Early Summit sponsor notice
  • App Week premier access
  • Demos to account managers and other
  • Advanced customer support assistance

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