Last updated Dec 27, 2022

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App Security Transparency Page

Atlassian’s Security Bug Fix Policy for Marketplace Apps requires apps to meet vulnerability due dates reported in Atlassian Marketplace Security (AMS). Failure to meet vulnerability due dates in AMS may result in either temporary or permanent enforcement. Our comprehensive policy is outlined here on this page: Security Bug Fix Policy.

In addition to enforcement, and in honor of Atlassian’s ‘open company, no bullshit’ value, we update this Transparency Page about every two weeks. This Transparency Page publicly discloses apps that are not adhering to Atlassian’s Security Bug Fix Policy for Marketplace Apps, and who are subject to Marketplace enforcement.

This Transparency Page only lists apps that are currently hidden from Atlassian’s Marketplace, and that have a vulnerability that has existed for more than 90 days. Hiding an app hides the app from the Atlassian Marketplace User Interface and the Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager. New customers cannot install the app. To fully understand when Atlassian hides apps, reference our Security Bug Fix Policy.

For more information regarding an app’s status, contact the app owner. Atlassian does not disclose additional information regarding the app’s status, or their current security vulnerabilities.

List of hidden apps and have a vulnerability for more than 90 days

App NameHosting
2WiseLog – Turn calendar events to Jira logsCloud
3Burnout TrackerCloud
4Mighty Labs, Inc.Cloud
5GitLab Connector for JiraCloud
8Semver Pull Request CheckerServer
9It's a Feature, Not a BugServer
10iridion for JIRAServer
11aqua - Test Management & AutomationServer
13Quick Subtasks for JiraServer
14ARCAD For JiraServer
15swarmOS AnalyzerServer
16Microfocus Dimensions CM IntegrationServer
17Google Analytics for JiraServer
18Field Hide for Jira - LiteServer
19Easy Field TemplateServer
20CodeRunner PROServer
21Prioritization HelperCloud
22Wise RetroCloud
23RIPS Security Analysis PluginServer
24ProtoShare - Interactive MockupsCloud
25Lekh Diagram and Whiteboard for Confluence CloudCloud
26Acute for JiraCloud
27References Management for ConfluenceCloud
28Microsoft Excel Connector for Jira CloudCloud
29Google Groups Sync for Jira (Cloud)Cloud
30My Directory Groups Sync Utils for CloudCloud
31Testing SkillboxCloud
32Scm Changesets Activity for Jira (Cloud)Cloud
33Jenkins and Codesuite Integration for Jira (Cloud)Cloud
34Caravel — Design Guidelines for JiraCloud
35BugReplay for JiraCloud
36Manage Inactive Users for Jira (Cloud)Cloud
38duetask for JiraCloud
40Vector BoardCloud
41Fleep for ConfluenceCloud
42Lean Coffee TableCloud
43TestCraft - Codeless Test AutomationCloud
44Trakr visual testingCloud
45Effort and Duration Estimator for JiraCloud
46Trending in BitbucketCloud
47CTX SearchCloud
48SenseAdapt - Agile Reports & ForecastingCloud
49Code Quality for JiraCloud
50Cookies & Privacy Notice for JiraCloud
52Cookies & Privacy Notice for ConfluenceCloud
54Elastic Log for JiraCloud
55iRise Plug-in for JiraCloud
56iEnterprise CRMCloud
57Confluence Code block with tabs by convertonCloud
58My Directory Groups Sync Utils for Jira CloudCloud

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