Last updated Nov 8, 2021

Sales and evaluations reports

What kind of data do I get about my sales?

You can access data about your sales and customers in several forms. Your Manage Vendor screen in Marketplace provides a comprehensive partner dashboard and you can access the same data with the sales report REST API. These details are only available for paid Atlassian apps.

We also provide a license report to you as a partner. This report shows information about users who obtain a license for your app.

Are Atlassian-provided sales reports up-to-date?

These reports might be behind real time by as much as 24 hours, and in some cases licensing information may appear before sales data. Contact Marketplace Support if the information doesn't appear after 24 hours.

Do I see customer data?

Yep! Our end-user license agreement (EULA) specifies that we can provide you customer data as a partner. You'll see each customer differentiated by their unique email address. For current active customers, primary contact information will be visible in your transactions and licenses reports. Exception: You will not see contact information when you view for historical sales, licenses, or evaluations, where the billing or technical contact at the time of sale/evaluation has been updated and that original billing/technical contact has marked themselves as ‘Right-to-be-forgotten’ (RTBF) in accordance with GDPR guidelines. In this scenario, you will see ‘RTBF’ in the contact fields instead of the contact information.

How do I contact a customer?

The email for an active customer is available through the sales, licenses, and evaluation reports. Included in these reports is the email associated with a customer, which you can use to contact them. You can also see their email through various operations in the Atlassian Marketplace REST API.

Email details are only available for paid Atlassian apps; you cannot access customer information and emails for free apps.

What if I want access to more data about app purchases?

If you'd like to collect more data about app purchases, you can contact customers directly via their email addresses. Otherwise, all information collected during transactions is already reported to you via the sales report.

What kind of data do I get about my evaluations?

You can access data about your evaluations and leads in several forms - we provide a comprehensive partner dashboard in your Manage vendor account screen the Atlassian Marketplace, or you can access the same data directly with our sales report REST API.

How long are evaluations? 

Marketplace evaluation licenses for both Server and Cloud customers are 30 days minimum. Certain conditions may cause an evaluation to run longer:

  • Server and Data Center customers may generate additional evaluation license keys if needed for longer decision and purchasing processes. While not difficult, this function is not advertised and is normally directed by Atlassian customer advocates.
  • Cloud customers receive a minimum of 30 days evaluation license provisioned to their account. Each account has a billing cycle date, for example the 1st day of each month. If a customer starts an eval on the 15th day of a month, their evaluation will run until the 1st day of the second month in order to give that customer at least 30 days evaluation. In this way, Cloud evaluation licenses can be anywhere from 30 days to 60 days in length.

What happens when an evaluation license ends?

The app's license enforcement mechanism engages and the app becomes invalid. (As the Marketplace Partner, you determine how the app functions in response to an invalid evaluation license).

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