Last updated Jun 5, 2020

Sales and renewals email campaigns

If your app is a paid via Atlassian listing, it is automatically subject to the services of Atlassian's automated sales and renewal system.

This system is developed, tested, and maintained by Atlassian.

When do we send emails?

We send automated emails to your evaluators or customers according to the following schedule:



Pre-Sale (quotes only)

After quote is created

Pre-Sale (quotes only)

7 days before quote expiration date


After every payment


7 months after purchase date


90 days before expiration date


45 days before expiration date

Maintenance (auto-renewal only)

30 days before expiration date


15 days before expiration date

Maintenance (if not already renewed)

15 days after expiration date

What do the emails look like?

The email messages use data from the customer database to populate each form. An example of a pre-sale, purchase, and maintenance email are shown below.

Pre-sale email

pre-sale message

Purchase email

purchase message

Maintenance reminder email

maintenance reminder message

Online sales report

You can view sales data for your apps via the sales report API or through the partner dashboard.

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