Last updated Oct 27, 2023

Edit your Marketplace listing


You can edit most of the sections on a Marketplace listing. If both Cloud and Server versions exist then the Marketplace will display the latest Public versions of both these, Marketplace only allows for the latest Public versions to be visible.

These can be toggled via the version selector as seen below:

Version selector

The vast majority of elements on the Server and Cloud versions can be edited. Her are examples for Server and Cloud:

HighlghtsHero Image
Editable elementsEditable elements

Examples of elements include:

  • App Name
  • Tagline
  • More Details section
  • Highlights/Hero Image

Elements are editable either per version or per app. For example, the More details section is unique per version: you can edit the More details section to be different for the Cloud or Server versions.

The Tagline on the other hand is set on a per app basis only. The value will be the same for both the Server and Cloud versions.

Editable elements per app

These elements are editable per app, i.e. the value is present for both Server and Cloud versions within the same app.

HIghlightsHero Image
Editable elementsEditable elements

These elements can be edited on the details page for the app:<add-id>/details

Details page

Editable elements per version

HighlightsHero Image
Editable elementsEditable elements
Editable ElementsEditable Elements
- Highlights- Hero Image/YouTube video
- More details- More details
- Screenshots- Screenshots
- Documentation link- Documentation link

To edit these elements for a specific version select the View Action:

Editable elements per version

Highlights/Hero ImageEditable elements per version<app-id>/versions/<build-number/highlightsSelect the Highlights tab from the top menu.
More detailsEditable elements per version<app-id>/versions/<build-number/detailsSelect the Details tab from the top menu.
ScreenshotsEditable elements per version<app-id>/versions/<build-number>/mediaSelect the Media tab from the top menu.
Documentation linkEditable elements per version<app-id>/versions/<build-number/linksSelect the Links tab from the top menu.

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