Last updated Nov 28, 2023

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This changelog is the source of truth for all changes to the Marketplace that affect people publishing apps.

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28 November 2023

Deprecation Notice Deprecation of Older Marketplace Reporting UI

Reminder to partners: The older Marketplace reporting UI will be deprecated on Nov 30, 2023. From Dec 1, 2023, partners should use the new enhanced Marketplace reporting UI.

On Sep 1, 2023, we announced the deprecation and indicated that partners would have a 90-day window to make the transition to the new reporting UI.

We are coming to the end of that 90-day window and will be moving away from the older UI soon. The rollout of the new UI to all partners was completed on Nov 1, 2023. We request that all partners start using the new enhanced UI for a smooth experience.

For more information and updates, you can visit the quick reference guide.

22 November 2023

Announcement App access rule updates coming soon: expanded customer EAP & partner EAP

In the coming weeks, a new cohort of select customers will get early access to a new data security policy rule limiting app access to content in Confluence spaces.

Marketplace Partners are encouraged to sign up for a partner EAP which will launch later this month. The partner EAP will give you a chance to test out app access rules and the new app access rule API. See how your apps will behave when blocked, and prepare apps for an optimal customer experience.

More details

Data security policies help customers keep their organization’s data secure by letting them govern how users, apps, and people outside of their organization can interact with content such as Confluence pages and Jira issues.

The new app access rule under data security policies allows customers to restrict access for all apps to the Confluence spaces under a given policy. In this way, customers can benefit from apps while still limiting 3rd-party access to certain content in select spaces.

Sign up for the EAP here.

20 November 2023

Announcement Enhancing Churn Feedback APIs to include new fields, changes in App Names, and feedback from the new billing system

The churn feedback APIs are now improved to provide partners with greater visibility into churn feedback-related data. These improvements include additional fields that will help map licenses with feedback after SEN deprecation for the cloud.

The following improvements will be included in the future data and will also be applied to historical churn feedback.

Churn Feedback APIs

  • App name changes - The addonName field for the feedback events will display the latest name that the app has. Until now, the app name used to be from the time the events were published. If the app name was changed, the feedback events reflected the old name. With the changes, all the feedback events will contain the latest name of the app.

  • Churn feedback from the new billing system -The churn feedback from the sites that were migrated or purchased on the new billing system will also start flowing into the feedback reports, that is, the surface (BAC - Billing And Credit Management of site) on which customers leave feedback when uninstalling the app.

  • Additional fields on churn feedback API -

    • appEntitlementID- A new identifier for the license, for example, "709a7212-3330-4ba6-9785-9804a9983373". This applies to cloud licenses only.

    • appEntitlementNumber - A new customer-facing identifier for this license, for example, "E-123-456-789".

    • cloudId- A unique identifier that represents the cloud site where the app is installed.

More details

API contract with new fields -

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 { "addonKey": "XXX", "addonName": "XXX" "feedbackType": "XXX" ... "appEntitlementId": <string>, <- new field "appEntitlementNumber": <string>, <- new field "cloudId": <string>, <- new field }

How to get started

The newly introduced field information will be accessible through the following Marketplace APIs.

  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/feedback/details

  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/feedback/details/export

  • /rest/2/vendors/{vendorId}/reporting/feedback/metrics/{metric}

For more information, see the get and aggregated feedback APIs.

Announcement End of purchasing net new apps for Bamboo and Crowd for customers.

End of purchasing net new Server apps for Bamboo and Crowd for customers. (Marketplace Platform)

Customers will no longer be able to purchase new Server licenses for Bamboo and Crowd apps. Instead, customers can purchase new Data Center licenses for Bamboo and Crowd apps going forward.

It’s important to note that customers will still be able to renew their existing Server licenses until Feb 15, 2024. Alternatively, customers can migrate to a new Data Center license at any time.

18 November 2023

Deprecation Notice Reminder - Deprecating Older Marketplace Reporting UI (with Enhanced Reporting UI) on November 30, 2023

We want to thank all our partners for providing us with your valuable feedback on the new reporting UI for Marketplace reports. Here is a high-level summary of some of the main feedback we received and fixed since 100% roll-out. Thank you for your participation in providing feedback during the window and collaborating in enhancing the experience.

  • The date pickers now support user input, and the date fields can be modified manually

  • A filter for the billing period has been added to the "More Filters" section of the transaction reports. This allows partners to filter out monthly and annual transactions

  • The evaluation filter that is set when redirecting from the license report by clicking on a line item has been fixed. Partners should now be able to correctly redirect to the license report with the appropriate filter values when redirected from the evaluation report

  • Searching licenses using SEN has now been enabled by the new GUI

  • The issue with the "More Details" section of paid licenses, which was previously not rendering due to a 400 bad request error, has now been resolved. Partners can now click on "More Details" and smoothly navigate to that section

  • A filter for the $0 transactions has been added to the "More Filters" section of transaction reports. This allows partners to include these transactions in their reports

  • The new GUI displayed data one month behind the intended period selected by the partners. This was due to edge cases presented by timezones. However, all the reports now accurately reflect the applied filters

This is also a gentle reminder that you can use the old reporting experience until November 30, 2023, after which it will be deprecated and we will default to the new enhanced GUI.

17 November 2023

Deprecation Notice Reminder - SEN will be replaced for cloud apps starting December 2023

We want to remind our partners that after Nov 30, 2023, we will stop sending new data to 3 fields (licensed, hostLicenseId, addonLicenseId) from the License and Transaction APIs for cloud licenses only, as these fields have been replaced on the new billing engine for cloud apps.

More details

After Nov 30, 2023, partners will not get data for these fields for cloud licenses:

  • licenseId - parent product license ID

  • hostLicenseId - parent product license ID

  • addonLicenseId- app license ID

As of November 2023, the fields on the left in the table below will no longer be available. Be prepared to transition to only the fields on the right by November 2023.

You can find details about how SEN will be replaced for cloud apps here, and explore other changes related to Atlassian’s transition to a new cloud billing engine here in the Partner Portal.

15 November 2023

Announcement Change in the Logic to Calculate Vendor Amounts for Uncollectible Subscriptions

As of August 31st, 2023, Marketplace has updated its logic to display vendor amounts for subscriptions in the event of uncollectible transactions. From now on, we will include the write-off amount in the refund amount that we show our vendors for these subscriptions.

This transaction for write-offs has been a part of the remittance report historically, but it will now also be added to the vendor amounts in Marketplace reports. As a result of this change, there has been a one-time update to the historical vendor amount data that we display for uncollectible subscriptions (but no revenue impact).

More details


A subscription becomes uncollectible when a customer has subscribed to an app but payment is declined (for example, due to credit card expiry). Atlassian makes multiple attempts (5) to collect the payment but is unable to do so. In such cases, we display a refund of the amount on the subscription and then compensate the partner for the days during which the customer used the app. We consider this a write-off.

As an illustration, let's consider the scenario of an invoice with a line item value of $100. After 20 days from the generation of the invoice, it becomes uncollectible. During this period, we compensate our partners for the app usage by the customer. This compensation is considered a write-off. Previously, in our Marketplace reports, we only displayed the refund amount for the remaining days after payment became uncollectible without showing the write-off amount. However, we have now made updates to include this write-off amount in the refund shown to our partners in their Marketplace reports.

For instance, if there was a total refund of $20 (for 10 days) previously displayed, you will now see $100 as the total refund in your Marketplace report. This includes both the $20 refund and an additional $80 as a write-off. Please note that this $80 will still be included as part of your remittance report as usual.

Announcement Updating Logic for License Status Change for Cancelled Licenses

As of August 23rd, 2023, Marketplace has updated its logic to change the license status of cancelled licenses after the maintenance end date passes. Cancelled licenses will now remain in the cancelled state instead of transitioning to the inactive state after the maintenance end date.

With the new reporting pipeline, we did not update the lastUpdated field when a license transitioned from cancelled to inactive. Some partners contacted us because this was affecting their reporting data. To resolve this, we have made "cancelled" a terminal state, meaning the (cancelled) license will no longer transition to inactive after the maintenance end date. This change will continue in the future.

Fixed [Marketplace Reporting] Null Values issue in transaction API

Marketplace has made a logic enhancement for values for and customerDetails.region that were previously appearing as null in Transaction API and Transaction Export API. We have now implemented a logic that has resolved several thousand records and populated them with data. You may notice many records being updated as a result of this fix and the below mentioned fields being populated in many cases that were nulls earlier.

Transaction API

  • Endpoint: /reporting/sales/transactions

  • Fields: and customerDetails.region

Transaction Export API

  • Endpoint: /reporting/sales/transactions/export

  • Columns: country, region

16 October 2023

Deprecation Notice Deprecating `role` field in - Marketplace get app pricing and submit app pricing REST APIs

The role field, used in Marketplace “get app pricing” and “submit app pricing” REST APIs, will be removed in 2 months, that is, on December 16, 2023. The field reference is being removed from DAC since it is a legacy field and is not currently included in the API response.

Deprecation Notice Deprecation notice for Vendor Detail APIs

We will be deprecating/providing replacements for some Vendor Detail APIs in order to create a unified profile for partners that is accessible on both the Marketplace Portal and the Developer Console.

Additionally, we are aiming to solve the current fragmented experience of access control for the partner’s team members across both platforms. The foundational work for this encompasses a thorough reassessment of the current APIs, with necessary revisions made to facilitate the integrated system.

This will involve the deprecation of old APIs that have minimal usage patterns or APIs for which no relevant use case exists. Marketplace will provide replacement APIs for high-traffic scenarios, aiding partners with critical use cases.



Proposed action

New Experience

Get vendor


More details on the new API will be provided through in-depth documentation by mid-November.

Add vendor contact


Use Add Contact in UI to add contact details

API alternative under consideration

Delete vendor contact


Use UI for Delete functionality. Multi-select options will be available

API alternative under consideration

Update vendor contact


Use Update Vendor contact functionality from UI

API alternative under consideration

Get vendor contacts


Use the UI component for downloading the team member details in bulk

API alternative under consideration

Update vendor


Use Update Vendor Page on UI

Get all vendors


No Replacement API will be provided as this use case is not applicable for Marketplace Partners

Create vendor


Use Create Vendor Page on UI

Get payment details


Use UI for functionality

Create/update payment details


Use UI for functionality

License import API


No experience as this API has has minimal to no usage. Atlassian will not support any payments on Server apps post Server EOS.

More details on the replacement APIs will be provided in the QRG by mid-November. The new Get Vendor API will become available by March 2024. The other APIs will be deprecated in April 2024. Additionally, we will keep you updated on the status of the APIs under consideration via the QRG.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to ushering in a more streamlined and efficient Atlassian Marketplace experience. Thank you for your continued support.

Read more on the QRG here. Let us know your feedback as comments on the QRG.

Added Expanded MRR and ARR Data

We are excited to announce the new MRR and ARR API is now generally available

We have developed a new REST API for MRR and ARR, providing you with access to extensive metrics that will assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of your financial data.

Please note that this API is exclusively available for your cloud-based apps only. We will be providing data from the previous (n-1) month at any given point in time, allowing users to access the most recent information pertaining to MRR. Also, the business logic used for computing these metrics aligns with the same approach utilised for our core products, including Jira and Confluence.

The new API can be called via: [POST] vendors/{vendorId}/partner-metrics. Partners can refer to DAC for guidance on utilizing the new MRR and ARR API and take a look at the Quick Reference Guide to learn more.

11 October 2023

Announcement New guide: how customers evaluate trust in cloud

We’ve created a new guide to help Marketplace Partners understand customer trust in cloud.

Customers evaluate Atlassian Marketplace apps based on their trust elements, including security, data, privacy, and support needs. This guide will:

  • Provide a baseline of your legal and compliance needs.

  • Give an example of how customers assess app trust.

  • Explain where you can go for the latest resources from our Ecosystem Trust team.

Learn more about Customer trust in cloud.

Marketplace Partners can also visit Grow Customer Trust in the Partner Portal for extensive resources. If you need access, request it here.

22 September 2023

Announcement Temporary transaction data delay and limitations in Marketplace Portal starting September 30th(Sat) till October 8th(Sun)

Atlassian is planning to transition off of the current Core Financials platform and onto another during the week of September 30th. While there are no major changes for Partners to note, we want to provide notice that there will be temporary limitations this week including:

  • Transaction data that typically populates in the Reports → Transaction tab and the Transactions APIs will be delayed for partners to view. After that week, the data will continue to populate reports as normal with the correct sequencing and time stamps

  • New vendor creation flow will be suspended 

  • No modifications can be made under the “Details” section on the partner account. This means that no edits with respect to vendor-related data like contact and support information can be made

  • No changes can be made under the “Payments” section on the partner account. Updates related to vendor billing information will be restricted

:light_bulb_on: The Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) is the back-end platform where invoices are generated. Once billing details and invoices are created, they are sent to the Marketplace Portal reports and APIs for Partners to view.

You can find more details on this partner portal article.

Announcement Changes to the Base URL for Connect apps will trigger a re-review process

As of Sep 22, 2023, the review process for Connect Apps has been updated. Changes to the Base URL now trigger a re-review of Connect apps to ensure safe handling of customer data and prevent security threats.

Base URL modifications now require an app approval process to confirm that the change is made by the relevant Marketplace Partner.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we prioritize providing a secure platform for all users.