Last updated May 16, 2022

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This changelog is the source of truth for all changes to the Marketplace that affect people publishing apps.

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16 May 2022

Announcement New app review user confirmation on Marketplace app listings

To comply with EU Directive 2019/2161 and the FTC Consumer Review guidelines, which aim to protect users from fake online product reviews, Atlassian has made two adjustments to the app reviews section on the Marketplace app listing page.

  1. Before publishing a review, we ask users to accept the new terms and conditions by confirming they are or were recent users of the app they are reviewing.

  2. We’ve added an info bar to the Reviews tab on every Marketplace listing, letting visitors know about the new review guidelines.

These changes will become visible on the Marketplace by the end of May 2022.

4 May 2022

Added Jira status management REST API

We’ve added 5 new operations that enable you to create, update, and delete statuses as well as get statuses in bulk using their IDs and search statuses by name or the project they used in.

More details

The 5 new operations are:

The bulk get statuses and search status paginated operations include an expand option that returns details of the project and issue types that use the statuses.

8 April 2022

Added Introducing Partner Badges on Marketplace

Marketplace Partners and their customers can now view badges corresponding to their partner tier on This partner badge is visible on the partner profile page and app listing page of a partner that qualifies under the

5 April 2022

Added Introducing Capability to tie Segment Anonymous ID

Marketplace Partners can now capture user journeys, installs, and app requests for Marketplace apps using Segment. Learn how in the guide

24 February 2022

Deprecation Notice Deprecation of older promotions endpoints

The original Promotions endpoints were marked deprecated in April 2021, when we announced GA availability of Cloud app promotions. New Promotions endpoints have been introduced to allow you to manage your promotions for Cloud apps, as well as Server and Data Center apps.

We have been monitoring the original promotions endpoints, and there has been no traffic for about 3 months. Therefore we are removing the original endpoints on 10 April 2022.

For more information about what’s possible with the new endpoints, see the Cloud Promo Codes GA page.

1 November 2021

Added Support for migrating Connect app listings and installations to Forge

You can now migrate your Connect app listing and installations to Forge. Navigate to the management view of your Marketplace listing, then select a Forge app with a matching app.connect.key as the new version.

Admins of sites that use your app’s Connect version will be prompted to update to the Forge version (in the “Manage Apps” screen). When they accept, the installation will be replaced by the Forge version.

You can request a staged rollout of the upgrade by raising a Marketplace support ticket listing which sites see the upgrade.

See Migrate an app from Connect to Forge for more information on how to migrate your app (including known issues and limitations with doing so). Then, see Listing a Forge successor to a Connect app for information on how to update your listing with a migrated app.