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12 June 2024

Removed Removal of archived apps section from partner profile page

Rollout: progressive rollout by user. in progress

We will be removing the archived apps section from the partner profile pages in the Atlassian Marketplace from Jun 14, 2024. Earlier, only archived server apps were visible in this section. This also aligns with Atlassian’s recent End of Server announcement.

6 June 2024

Announcement Introducing the new Developer ID to Marketplace

As we begin to implement architectural enhancements on Marketplace, we want to announce the introduction of the new Developer ID system that will replace the existing Vendor IDs. This transformative change is integral to our long term vision of unifying access and profile management across both the Developer console and Marketplace.

Currently, Atlassian Marketplace identifies new vendors through incremental identifiers for their Vendor ID, while the Developer Console uses AAIDs and permissions without a dedicated ID entity. Our new Developer ID will use UUIDs (Universally Unique Identifiers) instead of the previous serial number system, and is planned to be utilised across both platforms in the future, providing a seamless and cohesive profile management experience.

Please find more details about the change here on CDAC or Partner Portal

31 May 2024

Announcement Forge will remain free through 2025

Forge will remain free for another year, until 31 December 2025, up to limits that can be referenced here.

Learn more on the Atlassian developer blog:

22 May 2024

Announcement Internal Partner Account Data Migration

As part of the ongoing architectural updates on the Atlassian Marketplace, we are internally migrating all partner account details to our new systems. To ensure a smooth transition, we request partners to ensure that each of their partner accounts has at least one admin contact assigned. This can be done under the "Team" tab in the Partner Portal.

Please update the contact details by June 2024. If updates can't be made by this time, partners are encouraged to raise an Eco-Help ticket with the relevant admin contact and account details before August 2024.

Note that failure to update admin contact details may result in the inability to migrate your account to the new systems. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and are here to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

20 May 2024

Announcement The preview API for improved distributions data is now accessible

We are excited to announce the release of the preview API for improved distributions data for our partners!

As announced earlier, we have been working on enhancing distributions (active installation and user counts) data. We have made improvements to the way we provide and calculate the distributions (installation and user counts) for various aggregations. Along with that, we have also reduced the latency of retrieving this data from one week to one day.

Due to these adjustments in logic and latency, we intend to grant partners access to the data through a preview API by using /vendors/{vendorId}/partner-metrics-preview.

For more details on the changes in logic and how to access the data, you can read the quick reference guide and documentation. It's important to be aware that historical data will not be included in this preview API release but will be incorporated during the final rollout in June. Additionally, there might be variations in the data retrieved by partner metrics API and the existing REST APIs due to changes in logic.

We are currently aiming to make the enhanced distribution counts generally available to our partners around June 2024. From then on, partners will be able to use the partner metrics API as well as the existing APIs for distributions to get the improved count. In case of any queries, partners can reach out to us by commenting on the reference guide linked above to get more information.

14 May 2024

Fixed Alignment of sale date between marketplace and finance systems

Beginning on 15th May 2024, we will update our marketplace reports to use the invoice issuance date as the sale date, aligning it with the sale date used by our finance systems. This change is designed to benefit Atlassian Marketplace Partners by resolving inconsistencies between marketplace and remittance reports and enhancing clarity. Please note that this change will not impact historical transactions or alter our current payment process.

For more details, please refer to

4 May 2024

Announcement Enhancements to distributions and download counts data for partners

We are excited to announce the first set of improvements since our initial communication on the work we are doing for the technical foundations of Marketplace!

We are happy to introduce the enhanced distributions (active installation and user counts) data. We have made improvements to the way we provide and calculate the distributions (installation and user counts) for various aggregations. Alongside that, we have considerably decreased the latency from one week to one day for this data which will now be accessible via the existing partner metrics API (currently also being used for retrieving MRR/ARR).

Not only that, we have implemented specific improvements to effectively monitor and correct failures, thereby enhancing its reliability. Similar to distributions, download counts will be served via the existing partner metrics API.

To learn more about these enhancements and how to make requests, please refer to the quick reference guide.

3 May 2024

Added Marketplace Transaction API and CSV Export to indicate discounts due to Dual Licensing

Partners had requested to know which customers are receiving dual licensing support. As part of that, a new field "reason" has been introduced in our APIs to provide insights specifically when discounts are applied due to DUAL_LICENSING. This field is displayed when the discount reason is DUAL_LICENSING.

The newly introduced field information will be accessible through the following Marketplace APIs.

Please refer to more details on how the API response and CSV files will reflect this change.

More details

API response with new fields

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 "discounts": [ { "type": "XXX", "amount": "XXX", "reason": "DUAL_LICENSING" <-- Reason field shown only if reason is DUAL_LICENSING }, { "type": "XXX", "amount": "XXX" <-- Reason field not shown as reason is not DUAL_LICENSING } ]

CSV response with new columns

We have expanded the transaction csv export file by incorporating four new columns: loyaltyDiscountReason, marketplacePromotionDiscountReason, expertDiscountReason, and manualDiscountReason. If the discount amount is greater than 0 and the reason for the discount is a dual license, these columns will contain DUAL_LICENSING.











(Reason is displayed only if it's DUAL LICENSING)



(Reason is displayed only if it's DUAL LICENSING)


(Reason is displayed only if it's DUAL LICENSING)


(Reason is displayed only if it's DUAL LICENSING)

30 April 2024

Announcement Important Notice: Scheduled Maintenance May 17th-18th Impacting Marketplace Reports and APIs

Our new finance ERP platform, Oracle Fusion, will undergo scheduled periodic updates, causing approximately a 9-hour maintenance downtime that will impact our internal data pipelines. Once the update is completed, our internal data pipelines will resume and it will take about 3 additional hours to reinstate unprocessed transactions in Marketplace reports and APIs.

We anticipate that Marketplace reports and APIs will be affected on the following upcoming date and time.

  • May 17th 2024 7 p.m PST to May 18th 7 a.m PST

For more details, please refer to this blog:

26 April 2024

Request for Comments (RFC) RFC: App Editions for Marketplace

EDIT, 13-May-2024: This RFC is now closed.

A new RFC is ready for review at

22 April 2024

Announcement Reminder to update your apps to new categorization system

The new categories and keywords, as part of the new store experience, will start rolling out end of April. In order for customers to discover your apps via the new categories and keywords, please be sure to tag your apps accordingly as soon as possible.

You can tag your apps to the new categories and keywords in your App Details page. For more information, please visit this link.

8 April 2024

Announcement Addition of list view in Jira Software projects

We will be extending the Jira Work Management list view to Jira Software projects. This view will be accessible via the side navigation but will sit outside the board context. The list view will sit alongside other lists we have available in the platform – such as the “Issues” view.

This new view will make it easier for our users to view all tasks across their Jira Software project and make quick and easy edits as they plan, refine and track their project tasks.

For more information, visit the Quick Reference Guide.

2 April 2024

Announcement App access rule GA staged rollout has begun

As of this week, some Cloud customers will be able to set up and enable app access rules under data security policies. The feature will be slowly rolled out to customers over the coming week.

Customer outreach for this feature will be high-touch at first to give Marketplace Partners more time to update apps, but we plan to do a larger announcement toward the middle of 2024 (calendar year). You can read more about the rollout plan here.

We highly recommend testing out the feature and considering adjusting your app to warn users when it’s impacted by an app access rule.

Prepare for this change by reading more about the app access rule API here for Jira and here for Confluence.

More details

Data security policies help customers keep their organization’s data secure by letting them govern how users, apps, and people outside of their organization can interact with content such as Confluence pages and Jira issues.

The new app access rule under data security policies allows customers to restrict app access to the content in Confluence spaces or Jira projects under a given policy. In this way, customers can benefit from apps while still limiting 3rd-party access to certain content in select spaces.

28 March 2024

Announcement Considering Requester Activities for Marketing Attribution

Marketplace team has released an enhancement to the improved marketing attribution data feature. Partners can now track the exposure of app requesters who initiate evaluations for installed apps.

This involves presenting the activities of all the app's requesters (if any) for which the evaluation is generated. Partners can leverage these activities to comprehend the channels through which a user was exposed to the app prior to making a request. This capability will be particularly beneficial for marketing campaigns targeting app users rather than administrators.

Partners can access this data via the new asynchronous APIs for improved marketing attribution. There will now be two new fields present in this data:

  • userType: The type of user performing the activity. It can have two values i.e admin and requester

  • userId: One way hashed value to uniquely identify the user (and thus group the set of activities performed by them)

For more details on how to use this data, visit the updated quick reference guide here.

27 March 2024

Request for Comments (RFC) RFC: Marketplace Store Revamp

EDIT, 13-Apr-2024: This RFC is now closed.

A new RFC is ready for review at [Marketplace Store Revamp |Marketplace Store Revamp |smart-link].

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