Last updated Oct 1, 2021

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This page includes release notes and updates for Jira Cloud app developers. Use this page to keep track of upcoming changes, deprecation notices, new features, and feature updates from Jira Software Cloud.

Go to our developer community to ask questions. You may also be interested in the What's New blog for Atlassian Cloud where details of major changes that affect all users of the Jira Cloud products are announced.

1 October 2021

Announcement New structure of modules and UI kit components reference documentation

We’ve restructured the Modules and UI kit components reference documentation, to make it easier to navigate and consume content.

7 September 2021

Added Custom UI support for Jira custom field edit

Added Custom UI support for defining the editing experience for Jira custom fields and Jira custom field types.

Added Custom UI support for Jira context configuration of custom fields

Added Custom UI support for Jira context configuration of custom fields.

24 August 2021

Added CustomFieldContextConfig component in UI kit version 0.15.0

The context configuration function of the Jira custom field type module now returns the CustomFieldContextConfig component. It can be used to render a configured view of the field in a custom field context.

Run npm install @forge/ui@latest in your resource directory to install the latest version of the UI kit.

9 August 2021

Added Formatter support on issue view

The formatter property of the Jira custom field and Jira custom field type modules is now used on an issue view when a rendering function is not defined for a field. This formatter property renders the value as a string.

6 August 2021

Added Support for Forge custom fields on the create issue dialog

Forge custom fields are now supported on the create issue dialog for modules that have rendering and editing functions defined.

See custom field issue creation for more details.

21 June 2021

Removed Delete board operation for team-managed projects in Jira Software

As team-managed projects in Jira Software only support one board, the ability to delete the board from a team-managed project has been removed from the Delete board operation. The operation continues to support the deletion of boards from company-managed projects. See the developer community post Change notice: DELETE Board API in Jira Software team-managed projects for more details.

20 April 2021

Deprecation Notice Custom fields values no longer stored in issue properties

Custom field values are no longer stored in issue properties since there is now a dedicated REST API for updating values directly. This means it's no longer necessary to define an issue property key for them.

By 1 June 2021, the previous method of defining custom field values will no longer be supported.

See Jira custom field module for more details.

16 April 2021

Announcement Rebranding of Jira classic and next-gen projects

Classic and next-gen projects in Jira now have new names that are clearer and more descriptive of their corresponding project types:

  • Next-gen projects will be named team-managed projects. The functionality itself remains the same and will continue to be ideal for independent teams who want to control their own working processes and practices in a self-contained space.

  • Classic projects will be named company-managed projects. Set up and maintained by Jira admins, company-managed projects will remain the best choice for teams who want to work with other teams across many projects in a standard way, such as sharing a workflow.

Learn more about how we're simplifying project creation in Jira.

18 October 2018

Deprecation Notice Removal of non-paginated project and filter operations

From 1 April 2019 the paginated operations for filters and projects must be used.

See Removal of non-paginated project and filter endpoints from REST API v2 for more detail.