Last updated Nov 8, 2021

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This page includes release notes and updates for Jira Cloud app developers. Use this page to keep track of upcoming changes, deprecation notices, new features, and feature updates from Jira Service Management Cloud.

Go to our developer community to ask questions. You may also be interested in the What's New blog for Atlassian Cloud where details of major changes that affect all users of the Jira Cloud products are announced.

8 November 2021

Fixed Updated URIs for avatars, attachments, and attachment thumbnails

We’re updating the way in which avatars, attachments, and attachment thumbnails are referenced in response objects. These items will be represented by URIs for the appropriate REST API operation, rather than using non-REST URIs. These changes are to ensure that the appropriate OAuth scope checks are made when these objects are requested.

We expect all the affected operations to reach all production instances by January 14, 2022.

See the announcement for more details.

9 August 2021

Added Formatter support on issue view

The formatter property of the Jira custom field and Jira custom field type modules is now used on an issue view when a rendering function is not defined for a field. This formatter property renders the value as a string.

20 April 2021

Deprecation Notice Custom fields values no longer stored in issue properties

Custom field values are no longer stored in issue properties since there is now a dedicated REST API for updating values directly. This means it's no longer necessary to define an issue property key for them.

By 1 June 2021, the previous method of defining custom field values will no longer be supported.

See Jira custom field module for more details.

29 March 2019

Added Updated SLA REST API

We are in the process of rolling out some changes to the SLA API (/servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/sla). The friendly value inside of the remainingTime, goalDuration and elapsedTime objects will now use additional time units - days ("d"), weeks ("w") and years ("y").

Fixed Updated REST APIs

We updated all of our REST APIs to support team-managed projects, except the following, which will return appropriate error messages:

  • POST /servicedeskapi/servicedesk/{serviceDeskId}/requesttype

  • GET /servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/transition

  • POST /servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/transition

  • GET /servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/approval

  • GET /servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/approval/{approvalId}

  • POST /servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/approval/{approvalId}

We have made the following changes to the REST APIs:

  • Added the searchQuery parameter to /servicedeskapi/requesttype

  • Added the approvalStatus parameter and the requestOwnership=APPROVER value to /servicedeskapi/request

  • Added /servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/notification

13 February 2019

Deprecation Notice Representation of Request Language in Get Issue response

From 18th August 2019, Jira REST API responses that include the Request Language custom field type will no longer return a single translated string representing the body of the field. This data will still be available as part of a new JSON object representation wherever a string was previously expected.

After this date, you will only be able to get data for the Request Language custom field through its new JSON representation. The new JSON representation includes both the old value and a language key that is not dependant on the current user's language settings. The new shape is available today via the get issue method with expanded versionedRepresentations in the Jira Platform REST API.

*A single string which is translated to the current user's language is not as useful as an object which also contains a standard language code that is the same regardless of the current user's language settings.

*Feature parity
*The new JSON object contains the old translated string, so this change has feature parity.

*Format to be deprecated:
*Get Issue call:


GET Issue response:

For a user who has their language set to "français (France)"

1 "customfield_11459": "anglais"

For a user who has their language set to "English (US)"

1 "customfield_11459": "English"

New version:
Get Issue call:


GET Issue response:

For a user who has their language set to "français (France)"

1 2 3 4 "customfield_11459": { languageCode: "en", displayName: "anglais" }

For a user who has their language set to "English (US)"

1 2 3 4 "customfield_11459": { languageCode: "en", displayName: "English" }

Both versions:
As of today, the field data may be fetched in both old and new formats by using the versionedRepresentations expand.

Get Issue call:


GET Issue response:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 "customfield_11459": { "1": "English" "2": { languageCode: "en", displayName: "English" } }

8 April 2017

Removed Non-experimental APIs

We have removed the experimental flag from the following APIs:

  • /servicedeskapi/customer

  • /servicedeskapi/servicedesk/{serviceDeskId}/customer (POST only)

  • /servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/approval

  • /servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/approval/{approvalId}

22 February 2017

Added Request create property panel

We have added support for defining your own request create property panels which are displayed on the request creation screen in the customer portal and enable apps to save arbitrary data during request creation as Jira issue properties.

Added Issue fields support

Single and multi select issue fields supplied by Connect apps are now supported in JSM customer portal.