Last updated Jan 24, 2024

API Access

Atlassian's API Access capabilities are designed to empower your organization to query for and manage mechanisms by which your organization data is available.

They will help you enable, monitor, and safeguard sensitive organizational data across various Atlassian products, ensuring a unified and secure environment.

These features help you manage and understand API access mechanisms, and respond to misused access mechanisms. With these features, you can:

  • View: Query for user API tokens and product-level API keys (future);
  • Create: Enable API access through the creation of product-level API keys (future); and
  • Revoke: Respond to misuse by way of user API token and API key revocation.

API Tokens

API tokens is one mechanism by which users or systems may be granted access to organization data. As part of the user profile, one may create and manage their personal API tokens; the API Access collection provides a programmatic way to view and reason about the provisioned API tokens within your organization.

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