Last updatedSep 30, 2019

About Confluence Cloud

Confluence Connect is a platform built on top of the Atlassian Connect Framework that allows you to build apps for Confluence. An app can be an integration with another existing service, an extension of a Confluence feature, or even a new application running within Confluence.

Confluence Connect apps are web applications that integrate with the Confluence web application, both at the programmatic and user experience level. They operate remotely over HTTP and can be written with any programming language and web framework, like Node.js, Java and Ruby.

Connect apps can be hosted in a micro-service platform accessible to Confluence Cloud. They're registered with Confluence and describe how they extend Confluence in a JSON file called a "descriptor".

What can Confluence apps do?

Here are some common capabilities of Confluence Connect apps, and some specific examples:

CapabilityConfluence Example
Insert content in certain defined places in the Confluence application's UI.A Confluence content macro is rendered inside an iframe with the experience provided by the app.

Make calls to the Atlassian application's REST API.

A Confluence page extension that exports a page and uses the REST API to get the content of the current page.
Listen and respond to direct calls from Confluence or Webhooks fired by the Atlassian application.A Confluence blueprint app is called over HTTP to provide content to be used as the template for new pages.

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