Last updated Apr 4, 2023

About the API

The forms REST API provides programmatic access to forms for Jira Cloud.

About forms

Jira Service Management

Forms are available to all Jira Service Management customers. Forms can be built using conditional logic, rich formatting, and customisable layouts. They can be added to request types for customers to submit, or added to issues by agents. Learn more about Forms in Jira Service Management.

Jira Software and Jira Work Management

Forms are also available in Jira Software and Jira Work Management for customers who previously used the ProForma Marketplace app. ProForma is referred to as Advanced forms in Jira Work Management, with the forms REST API only working with this type. Learn more about advanced forms in Jira Work Management.

Using the REST API with forms

The forms REST API allows you to build apps that work with forms, automate form workflows with scripting, and export form data for processing elsewhere. You can access the API either via basic authentication or from a Forge App. Learn how to call the API using either of these methods.

View the REST API documentation for the full list of features supported.

Jira Data Center

The ProForma app provides a similar forms API in Jira Data Center. To learn more about this, see the ProForma developer documentation.

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