Last updated Nov 30, 2023

Deprecation policy

At Commerce, we make sure to maintain backward compatibility. This means that programs written against one version of a Commerce API will continue to work the same way, without modification, against future versions of the API. In cases where that won't possible and a deprecation becomes necessary, we'll follow this deprecation policy.


Commerce APIs follow the standard Atlassian deprecation policy of 6 months' notice.

There are exceptions to this policy:

  • the period can be made shorter if there are critical security vulnerabilities being fixed as part of the deprecation
  • the period can be made longer due to a client's business needs or migration complexity


When a REST API is deprecated, Commerce will issue a changelog entry which will detail:

  • description of and reason for the deprecation
  • link to a migration guide, if relevant
  • specific date of deprecation

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