Last updated Dec 6, 2017

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Jitsi is a community building a set of real-time communications projects such as the Jitsi Videobridge SFU (video router) and the Jitsi Meet web conferencing app.


SkateJS is a web component library that provides an API to bind behavior to DOM elements. It's based on the W3C specification for Custom Elements.

JGit Flow

JGit Flow is a Maven plugin that allows you to use Git Flow and Maven Together. While this plugin is used primarily to perform releases, it also provides full Git Flow functionality. Also included is a pure Java library that allows any Java-based project to include full Git Flow functionality.

GPL Commitment

The Atlassian GPL Commitment reflects our belief that enforcement of open source software licenses should be judged by whether the activity fosters or discourages adoption of the software and collaboration and participation in open source development.

Contributor License Agreement

Atlassian must have a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) on file from each individual or corporation contributing to our open-source projects. The CLA allows contributors to maintain ownership in the IP of their contributions while granting Atlassian the rights to control and maintain our projects.

Submit a corporate CLA or individual CLA.

Code of conduct

The Atlassian Open Source code of conduct reflects our belief that open source projects and communities should be a welcome environment that respects all participants.

Community support

Atlassian supports the open source community by donating our software to open source projects. It's one way for us to give back to the community.

If you maintain open source software, you can apply for a free open source license.

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