Last updated Jun 6, 2023


May 2024

added Product Version Filtering Improvement

The version query parameter will now return more accurate results for which CVE a product is affected by when using the /products end point.

added Product Versions API

There is now a /products/version endpoint that will return all of the versions associated with each product

September 2023

added Product Version Filtering

A version query parameter has been added to the /products endpoint. This parameter will allow users to filter the /products response using a specific product version.

August 2023

added CVE Details Formatting

A format query parameter has been added to the /cves endpoint. Users can now specify the format of a the cve_details field in the response.

Currently Supported Formats:

  • ADF (adf)
  • Plaintext (text)
  • Markdown (markdown)

added CVE Publish Date Added

A new cve_publish_date field has been added to the API! See the REST API documentation documentation for details.

July 2023

announcement Initial Release

The Security Vulnerability API is released! See Security Vulnerability Portal to view the portal.

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