Last updated Jun 14, 2024

Using Team Queries

Team Queries allow you to fetch the data of a team for a given ID.

Team ID

The team's ID must be in the form of an Atlassian Resource Identifier. For example, the ID should be prefixed with ari:cloud:identity::team/ and may look like ari:cloud:identity::team/xxx-xxx-xxxx


The API authenticates users making requests to fetch a team. Only users with permission can view and access teams.

Read more about authentication from the GraphQL reference documentation.

Rate limits

Rate limits are applied per user when they:

  • Request a team 40 times per minute
  • Request the members of a team 20 times per minute

These rate limits may be increased or decreased in the future.

Beta state

The Team entity is in Beta state which allows us to monitor and ensure it operates as expected. The Team Query requires additional request headers to access fields in beta:

    "X-ExperimentalApi": ["teams-beta", "team-members-beta"]

The teams-beta header is required to query a team.

The additional team-members-beta header is required to query the members of a team.

Further information

For more information, including details of the Team entity, check out the GraphQL API section in our Reference Documentation.

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