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User provisioning REST API / Reference / REST API

Admin APIs

Postman Collection

These sets of APIs will require the organization API token rather than the scim directory token.


Delete User in SCIM DB

Deleting the user in our SCIM DB via aaid will apply to all directories in that org matching that aaid. This only works for managed users. We will also have to completely reprovision that user to its groups once it has been deleted.
This API is mainly used for allowing customers to unblock themselves without reaching to support for incorrect emails attached to different users.


This request has no parameters.


Users deleted via Aaid

1 2 3 curl --request DELETE \ --url 'https://api.atlassian.com/admin/user-provisioning/v1/org/{orgId}/user/{aaId}/onlyDeleteUserInDB' \ --header 'Authorization: Bearer <access_token>'

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