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Curious about a term used in the Confluence Connect documentation? Read on.

AppSoftware built using the Confluence platform for the purpose of integrating with or extending Confluence


ApplicationRefers to a running instance of an Atlassian product (Confluence, Jira, Hipchat, etc.) 

A pattern for apps that provide a template for users to create new types of pages based on pre-defined and/or dynamic content

Blueprints pattern
Confluence ConnectThe development framework used to create apps for Confluence CloudConfluence Connect
Custom contentA pattern for apps that introduce a new type of content to Confluence, with custom views that integrate with Confluence navigation and searchCustom content pattern
ExtensionAn app that extends Confluence with additional featuresWhat can I build with Confluence Connect?
Extension pointAn area of the user interface that allows your app to display information to end users in a constrained fashion (web items, for example) 
Extension zone

An area of Confluence's user interface that your app can extend with additional elements. Your app is not technically constrained, but the design principles and guidelines must be followed to provide a consistent overall experience to the end user (web panels, for example).

IntegrationAn app that connects the data and/or user experience of an external service with ConfluenceWhat can I build with Confluence Connect?
MacroA pattern for apps that embed content in Confluence pagesMacros pattern
Page extensionA pattern for apps that provide contextual information and actions related to a Confluence pagePage extensions pattern
Search extensionA pattern for apps for including custom metadata in search and macro content filtersSearch extensions pattern
PatternCommon ways for you to extend the functionality of Confluence. They group together related extension points and design guidelines to help you provide a consistent experience for users.Confluence Connect patterns
ThemeA pattern for apps that provide a custom look and feel for Confluence 

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