Last updated May 4, 2023


About Incidents in Jira Service Management Cloud

Incidents in Jira Service Management allow teams to deal with unplanned events that disrupt or reduce the quality of your service (or threaten to do so). Incident Management in JSM helps teams respond to, investigate, resolve and prevent incidents all on one platform. Learn more about Incidents in Jira Service Management.

What is a REST API?

A REST API is a service that runs on a host system. It allows a user to configure their computer to communicate directly with that host system so that user can connect their computer to the host and perform actions programmatically instead of using the standard graphical user interface.

REST APIs use the standard HTTP protocol, found in web browsers, along with an information framework called REST that describes how the information will be formatted and what tasks can be completed.

Information is changed or retrieved using a “call” that passes a command to the host system. The call tells the host system what information to change and often includes authentication information to keep the data secure.

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