Node - mediaSingle


The mediaSingle node is a container for one media item. This node enables the display of the content in full, in contrast to a mediaGroup that is intended for a list of attachments. A common use case is to display an image, but it can also be used for videos, or other types of content usually renderable by a @atlaskit/media card component.


mediaSingle is a top-level block node.


contentarrayAn array of nodes
attrs.layoutstring"wrap-left", "center", "wrap-right", "wide", "full-width", "align-start", "align-end"
attrs.widthnumberFloating point number between 0 and 100


content must be a media node.


  • layout determines the placement of the node on the page. wrap-left and wrap-right provide an image floated to the left or right of the page respectively, with text wrapped around it. center center aligns the image as a block, while wide does the same but bleeds into the margins. full-width makes the image stretch from edge to edge of the page.

  • width determines the width of the image as a percentage of the width of the text content area. Has no effect if layout mode is wide or full-width.

  • widthType [optional] determines what the "unit" of the width attribute is presenting. Possible values are pixel and percentage. If the widthType attribute is undefined, it fallbacks to percentage.

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