Example Uses

For each of these example requests, it is assumed that the token is sent in a header, e.g.: Authorization: Bearer d4f925b0d9a44a85f48038725d33054abddd1b6b

For readability, these examples show the filter parameter unencoded. This should be URL encoded in your requests, so that userName sw "a" becomes userName+sw+%22a%22

List the first 100 users in your enterprise, ordered by name


and the next 100…


List users on enterprise boards who aren't in an enterprise Workspace

/scim/v2/users?filter=userType eq "collaborator"

List users called Alice

/scim/v2/users?filter=displayName co "Alice" See notes regarding handling of names.

List the email addresses of users who have been deactivated from the enterprise

/scim/v2/users?attributes=emails&filter=active eq false

List the users in the Sales and Marketing Workspaces

First get the Workspace IDs: /scim/v2/groups?attributes=id&filter=meta.trelloType eq "Team" and (name eq "Sales" or name eq "Marketing")

Then use the IDs returned for those Workspaces to get the users:

/scim/v2/users?filter=groups.value eq "59248c4dae276a021cb296d" or groups.value eq "a286075043d42dcdce8d6668"

List users not using a US English locale:

/scim/v2/users?filter=locale ne "en-US"

List all the Workspaces in your enterprise

/scim/v2/groups?filter=meta.trelloType eq "Team"

List all the boards belonging to a Workspace

Group responses for Workspaces include both Boards and Users in the members attribute. /scim/v2/groups?filter=name eq "Sales"

List all the boards created since January 2017

/scim/v2/groups?filter=meta.trelloType eq "Board" and meta.created gt "2017-01-01"

Deactivating a user from all Trello enterprise Workspaces and boards

See Update a User

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