Last updated Nov 28, 2023

Listing your Forge successor app on Marketplace

This page covers how to add the new Forge version of your app to your Connect app Marketplace listing.

The Forge version is added as a new version to your existing marketplace listing, so your app will keep its existing listing with its reviews and installations.

Before proceeding, ensure you have tested the upgrade process.

Billing considerations

If you're listing a paid app, you must always use the development or staging environment to test your app.

All installations of paid production apps are billed. This includes:

  • if you install your production paid app on your Atlassian cloud instance

  • Forge apps installed on enterprise sandbox instances (regardless if they're installed on the enterprise's production instance).

To mitigate these, create a promotion to discount the costs.

Step 1: Enable sharing

If you haven't already, you also need to enable sharing on your app. This will allow you to distribute it via the developer console.

  1. Using the Forge CLI, deploy your app to the production environment.

  2. In the developer console, choose the app you want to share.

  3. Select Distribution in the left menu, and under 'Distribution controls', select Edit.

  4. Select the Sharing option, fill in the app details, and select Save changes.

Step 2: List your app as a Forge app

Once sharing is enabled, you can publish a new app version to the Marketplace by selecting the Forge app.

Screenshot of the screen to publish a new app version in Marketplace

Once the Forge version's Marketplace listing is approved, your customers will be notified of a new version and invited to upgrade via UPM, the same as if it were a new minor or major Connect-based version of the app.


Will I lose my existing installations and ratings?

No, the app will keep its ratings and installations. Installations will move from the Connect to the Forge version one-by-one as customers click "Upgrade" on the "Manage Apps" screen.

How do I roll back a Forge app to its previous Connect app version?

Mistakes happen. In case of an emergency, you can ask our team to manually roll back the migration. To do this, raise a Marketplace 'Edit your listing' Support ticket.

How can I do a staged migration from Connect to Forge?

If you would like to follow a staged migration, raise a Marketplace 'Edit your listing' Support ticket.


  • Summary: Staged migration rollout from Connect to Forge

  • Description: I would like to control the rollout of my migrated Connect on Forge app, by initially restricting updates to the following test sites.


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