Last updated Jul 5, 2023

CXP Orchestration Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the cxp orchestration service!

CXP-Orchestration is the central metadata house for all things traits and audiences. It is also envisioned to hold metadata for destinations and any future enhancements for concepts like subscriptions, campaigns, triggers etc in the future. This service also exposes all the endpoints used by the Trait Registry and Audience Registry available to our users via Data Portal.


Traits Traits are pieces of information that we store against each entity for the purpose of personalizing that entity's experience. The permitted data-types for these are string, date, boolean, or number. Traits are generated by running evaluations(SQL, code) on experience data. Eg. Jira First Projection Creation date, Confluence Last Page Navigation date Traits can be updated Batch-wise or in Real-time.

Audiences Audiences are sets of rules that group entities together for targeting purposes. Audiences always store boolean data-type signifying if the entity is in audience or not. Audiences are generated by running a set of rules on existing Trait(s). Eg. Group users where Jira First Projection Creation date > 30 days

Destinations Destinations are end systems where the generated trait/audience data will be stored and treated accordingly. Eg. Engagement Platform might use the audience data to show in-product messages while SFMC can send marketing emails.

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