Last updated Jul 5, 2023


Architecture diagram The Trait Registry UI displays all batch and real-time traits. The Audience Registry UI displays all batch and real-time audiences. Batch Traits and Audiences User flow :

  1. The UI registries directly communicate with the CXP-Orchestration Service for all trait and audience metadata.
  2. The CXP-Orchestration Service sends batch traits and audiences for validation and execution to the Batch Traitbuilder Service.
  3. Batch Traitbuilder creates a copy of the trait that it received and uses the Job APIs of Databricks to send execution objects, in accordance with the schedule of the trait.
  4. Databricks runs the batch query against Socrates tables and sends the result of the validation/execution run back to CXP-Orchestration. The delta results are sent back to Batch TB.

Real-time traits and audiences user flow : Real-time traits and audiences are registered in the Registry UI. The UUIDs so generated are used in the PRs that are raised in the real-time traitbuilders' repositories and tap-audience-evaluator repository.

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