Last updated Feb 15, 2024

Why build with Forge

Atlassian Cloud products are built for extensibility and customization. In the early days of Cloud, Atlassian provided a framework called Connect to enable the creation of cloud apps. Connect enabled the first generation of Atlassian Cloud apps, but developers needed to set up and secure their own infrastructure, steepening the learning curve and effort to build an Atlassian app.

With the launch of Forge, Atlassian now allows developers to host apps on the Atlassian platform. Developers no longer need to provision their own hosting or databases. A full hosting and development environment is provided out of the box, along with a set of building blocks that support use cases from the simple to the complex. With a better developer experience, built-in security features, and the power of the Atlassian platform, developers can innovate faster and build powerful additions to Atlassian products.

Industry-leading developer experience

Forge goes far beyond REST APIs and SDKs. The platform offers a ready-to-use setup for building Atlassian apps, so developers can quickly and easily extend Atlassian products.

Trusted infrastructure

While security can’t be solved with technology alone, Forge provides tools and features that help developers manage security risks and meet their security (and other) obligations.

Platform power

Forge is an extensibility solution purpose-built for the Atlassian platform. Developers have access to the data, products, and UI elements that make up the platform, for apps that work in harmony with their surroundings.

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