Last updated Dec 15, 2023

How to extend Confluence

Confluence Concepts

If you haven't worked with Confluence before, it will be helpful to learn about some important concepts in Confluence before you start building a Confluence App.


Your content lives in pages – living documents you create on your Confluence site. You can create pages for almost anything, from project plans to meeting notes, troubleshooting guides, policies, and more. Confluence comes bundled with templates to help you make beautiful pages for almost any kind of content. If you can’t find a template for the type of content you want to create, you can always start with a blank page.


Pages are stored in spaces – workspaces where you can collaborate on work and keep all your content organized. It’s best to group related content together in the same space, but you can create as many or as few spaces as your team needs. For example, one marketing team might keep all of its work in one space, with a page for each campaign, while another might set up a separate space for every single campaign. Each space comes with an overview (or homepage) and a blog, so it’s easy to share updates and announcements with your whole team.

Learn more about Confluence

Learn more about Confluence

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