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Post Build Index Writer module


Bamboo 1.0 and later


The PostBuildIndexWriter allows you to write your custom data for a build into the index, which allows for future retrieval in your custom Report Module. The PostBuildIndexWriter will be invoked in three places in Bamboo: when a build completes and it indexes, operations which requires a re-index of a particular build (result), and when you run the re-index all action under the Administration tab. The PostBuildIndexWriter should always be written in conjunction with a Index Reader Module which will be able to retrieve the data in the index.


Post Build Index Writer modules must implement the com.atlassian.bamboo.index.CustomPostBuildIndexWriter interface.

Sample Module Descriptor Element

<postBuildIndexWriter key="cloverIndexWriter" name="Write Clover Result to Index"
  <description>Writes the clover result in a build results to an index document</description>

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