Last updated Aug 3, 2021

Data pipeline

The data pipeline allows system administrators to export data from Data Center applications, and then feed it into a business intelligence platform (such as Tableau or PowerBI) for analysis.


The data pipeline is implemented via the Atlassian Data Pipeline Core Plugin which is a cross-product system app bundled with Data Center editions of Jira, Confluence, and Bitbucket.

This documentation is for the latest version of the app. Your Data Center application may bundle an earlier version.

Version 2.3

  • Exclude projects or spaces from exports /rest/datapipeline/config/optout

Version 2.1

  • Schedule regular exports /rest/datapipeline/config/schedule
  • Delete a specific export DELETE /rest/datapipeline/latest/export?jobId=<jobId>
  • Get a list of schema versions /rest/datapipeline/config/schema

Version 1.4

  • Change the default export location rest/datapipeline/config/export-path

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