Changes for Bamboo 2.1

Bamboo 2.1 included a rework of the Jira Integration functionality. This included some changes to the API's.

Moved Interfaces and Classes

Due to the addition of extra jira functionality the package structure has been updated for better understanding.

The package structure used to look like


It now has the following structure


If you were relying on any of the jira classes you will need to update the packages.

Jira Soap Client

We updated the Jira Soap Client we use to the latest (Jira version 3.12). This code has now been separated out of the Bamboo source code into its own module. Maven should download this dependency for you.

Changes to Class Functionality

The JiraServerDefinition class is no longer responsible for talking to JIRA. It only holds the configuration information required to do so.

The JiraRemoteIssueManager is available to you instead to retrieve issues from the jira server.

The JiraIssueUtils class has had some of the functionality removed and lots of extra added. If you were using this class check out the javadocs for the updated functionality.

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