Changes for Bamboo 2.3

Bamboo 2.3 includes several improvements as well as new plugin points for developers. This page will be updated with details on these changes shortly.

Remote API Changes in Bamboo 2.3

Please note, we have made significant changes to Bamboo's remote API to improve it in Bamboo 2.3. However, it is likely that a number of existing Bamboo plugins will not work as a result.

We strongly recommend that you read through all of the changes listed below and update your plugins accordingly. If you encounter any issues that are not covered by the information on this page, please let us know by logging a ticket in the 'Bamboo' project on and we will amend the information below, as required.

On this page:

Method Deprecation for Builder Plugins

The following abstract method on the Command class has been deprecated

public Commandline getCommandLine(ReadOnlyCapabilitySet capabilitySet)

This will effect plugins who extend this class directly or extends the AbstractBuilder.
Instead you should use the following methods

     * What is the executable for the command line to execute.  Variable substitution is not required for executable, substitution will be performed later.
     * @param capabilitySet- for the current context
     * @return the executable as a string
    public String getCommandExecutable(ReadOnlyCapabilitySet capabilitySet)

     * What are the arguments for the command line to execute Variable substitution is not required for arguments, substitution will be performed later.
     * @param capabilitySet - for the current context
     * @return the arguments as a string[].  Spaces/division of strings in the array should not matter.
    public String[] getCommandArguments(ReadOnlyCapabilitySet capabilitySet)

Renamed Methods in BuildPlanDefinition

The methods getBuilder() and getRepository() in the BuildPlanDefinition interface have been renamed to getBuilderV2() and getRepositoryV2() respectively, (see below). You will need to update these method calls in your plugins to be compatible with 2.3

    RepositoryV2 getRepositoryV2();

    BuilderV2 getBuilderV2();
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