Last updated Apr 8, 2024

Deprecation notice - Removing Collaborator role in Bitbucket Cloud API on 1 June 2022


Beginning 1 June 2022, we are removing the Collaborator role from the Bitbucket Cloud API. If you are using the Collaborator role in your application, read on.

Which API endpoints are affected?

This change reduces the amount of data returned by the following endpoints:

This change removes Collaborator as a query parameter option on the following endpoints:

The same also applies to the endpoints below, which are already deprecated. If you are still using these, switch to using the /workspaces endpoints:

This also applies to any BBQL filters.

Breaking change in Connect apps

For Connect apps, this change removes Collaborator as a condition in permissions queries. Any Connect app that relies on this condition must be updated to avoid errors.

What to expect in the future?

We are in the process of adding project permissions which will make the Collaborator obsolete.

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