Last updated Apr 8, 2024

New Bitbucket Cloud 2.0 APIs

We are happy to announce an update to the Bitbucket Cloud 2.0 REST API, designed to allow developers a simple way to automate all Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations on repository permissions for both groups and users.

What’s New

All of these endpoints require a repository admin permission and repository:admin scope.

Why create a new permissions-config resource on the repositories path?

These endpoints provide a 2.0 REST API replacement for much of the functionality in Bitbucket’s 1.0 REST API /group-privileges endpoint. The movement of permission CRUD functionality from the Principal to the Resource is intentional and has several advantages:

  • The same endpoint can manipulate permissions for both users and groups without needing a separate endpoint for both.

  • The scope required to change permissions is much more restrictive (repository:admin) as opposed to the full account:write scope required to update groups.

  • When project permissions are released later this year they will follow the same pattern and be consistent for all permission assignments.

Check out examples for:

  • Querying user and group permissions

  • Adding user and group permissions to a repository

  • Deleting user and group permissions from a repository

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