Last updated Sep 6, 2021

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Disconnect managed components from config as code

If you no longer want to manage a component with config-as-code, you can disconnect it from the Bitbucket repository. After you disconnect it, the component retains the most recent details from the compass.yml file and becomes unmanaged. You can edit its details from the Compass UI.

Before you begin

  • Verify that you can access the Bitbucket workspace configured for Compass and you have permissions to delete files from the repositories within that workspace.
  • You’ll also need some basic experience with using Git and Bitbucket Cloud.

Disconnect a managed component from config-as-code

To disconnect a managed component from config-as-code:

  1. Go to the location of the compass.yml file in the source repository and delete the file.
  2. Push the changes to Bitbucket and open a pull request if necessary.
  3. Merge the changes to your repository’s default branch in Bitbucket.
    • The component is no longer managed with config-as-code.
  4. Verify that the Component manager card in the right sidebar has returned to its unmanaged state as the Manage this component with compass.yml card.

The component is now disconnected from config-as-code.

You can update its details from the Compass UI. Alternatively, you can start managing it again with config-as-code at any time. Learn how to manage components via config-as-code

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