Last updated Apr 21, 2024

What is CheckOps?

CheckOps is a weekly practice your team can implement to better understand your operational health, the health of your components, and how you can improve your team’s operations over time. CheckOps consists of a form you fill out with your team on a weekly basis to reflect on how your components are operating and track improvement over time. Practicing CheckOps is an opportunity to identify operational problems and create action items to address known issues.

In Compass, your team starts CheckOps from the Health details page.

As a team, review your team's component's recent activity and their scorecard scores. You may want to especially review components with failing scorecards and assess which criterion are failing to create action items for improvement. When a CheckOps is completed, an email is sent to your team to let them know.

Team CheckOps form shown on the Health details page

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