Last updated Oct 15, 2021

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Import components from other apps

You can import components into Compass in bulk from applications that are external to Compass. Bulk import enables you to start tracking many components at once, without having to add each component one by one.

You can import components from:

  • New Relic
  • Comma-separated values (CSV) files

Import services from New Relic

New Relic is an observability platform that enables engineering teams to monitor the performance of their deployed software.

If your team uses New Relic for application performance monitoring (APM), you can import your monitored services directly into Compass. This is an easy way to begin building your component catalog in Compass.

The process to integrate and import services from New Relic involves:

  1. installing the New Relic app in Compass
  2. connecting to your New Relic account
  3. importing the New Relic services into Compass
  4. syncing new and updated services from New Relic

Learn how to integrate and import services from New Relic

Import components from a CSV file

CSV file import is a quick way to add many components in bulk to Compass.

CSV files contain delimited text that represents tabulated data. Each line in the file is a record and a comma separates each field in that record. Most applications that support tabulated data, for example, Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, and databases, support CSV files.

The CSV file import process involves:

  1. downloading a sample CSV file from Compass
  2. preparing your data in the CSV file for import
  3. importing the CSV file into Compass

The import process adds new components to Compass and updates existing components that have changed.

Learn how to import components from a CSV file

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