Last updated Jul 12, 2024

What is a component?

A component is the combined output of a software engineering team, typically tracked in source control. A dedicated team owns, develops, and operates a component.

In a distributed architecture, teams produce many components that are related to each other or depend upon each other. Several related components together form a website, application, or service.

Compass's component catalog gives you a unified view of all information about your components. The first step to build a component catalog is to create components. Learn how to create components in Compass

Component types

Compass supports the following component types:

  • Service
  • Application
  • Library
  • Capability
  • Cloud resource
  • Data pipeline
  • Machine learning model
  • UI element
  • Website
  • Dataset
  • Dashboard
  • Data product
  • Other

Learn more about the different component types

Component details

All components have a lot of associated information:

  • a type – service, application, library, or something else
  • attributes such as ID, name, description, type, owner, and more
  • relationships with other components in the software architecture
  • resources such as a source code repository, a Jira project, documentation, and dashboards
  • scores measuring the health and operational readiness to determine compliance with your organizations best practices

Having this information in a central location simplifies the management and use of your components. Compass brings this dispersed information about your components to one place. Learn how to view a component's details

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