Last updated May 28, 2024

Synchronize components with Jira Service Management

We're gradually rolling out this feature to everyone. If you don't see it, you'll need to instead import components from Jira Service Management.

Use your software catalog across more of your toolchain by automatically synchronizing components with equivalent services in Jira Service Management.

A component's Overview page showing a linked service from Jira Service Management

When you create a new component that has the type service, application, or capability, an equivalent service will be automatically created in Jira Service Management.

If you make changes to a supported component’s name, type, description and tier, it will also update the same information on the equivalent service in Jira Service Management.

To see a synchronized component’s equivalent service in Jira Service Management, go to the component’s Overview page, find the Jira Service Management field, and select the service name.

If you delete a component that’s synchronized with Jira Service Management, or change the component to an unsupported type, it will stop synchronizing with the equivalent service.

At this time, you can’t resynchronize components with Jira Service Management.

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