Last updated Apr 12, 2024

View scorecard health data

Scorecards in Compass are a set of criteria that you can apply to a component to measure its health. Once a scorecard is applied to components, you can start to assess component scores and dig deeper into particular criteria that may not be performing well. One method of doing this is with the graphs Compass provides for component performance and criteria breakdown for each scorecard.

Before you begin

To see data populated in the graphs:

  • You must have at least one component in Compass with a scorecard applied

View scorecard health data

  1. Select Health from the navigation bar.
  2. Select a scorecard that’s applied to at least one component.

The scorecard details view opens with two different graphs of scorecard data.

Component performance graph

This donut graph shows the total number of components that have this scorecard applied, and of that total, how many components are in a state of passing, need attention, or failing depending on their scores. This gives you a high-level understanding of how well components are satisfying the criteria of this scorecard, and whether overall it may be an area for your organization to improve. The number of failing components may indicate some actions your team can take in Compass to improve their scores.

Criteria breakdown

This bar chart shows all the criteria this scorecard has (and their accompanying weights for how important each is) and the component status per criterion. Criteria is broken down by component status, where the bar length represents the weight of each criterion.

This chart gives you a detailed look into each criterion, and whether it is a point of failing, passing, or having an error for the components using this scorecard. This might help you and your team, for example, assess that the metric for deployment frequency is a criterion that many failing scorecards are using. This might be an opportunity, then, for your team to consider your deployment goals and how to improve them, and therefore improve your scorecards using this metric.

Reviewing these graphs with your team as a part of your weekly CheckOps is a good way to identify criterion and/or components that need work in order to improve operational health and scorecard scores.

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