Last updated Jul 12, 2024

View a team's dashboard

What is the team dashboard?

A team’s dashboard is a centralized location where you can find information and perform different functions for your team.

You’ll find a team’s information, such as their name, description, members, and a list of components they own, on its dashboard.

You can also perform several team-related functions from the dashboard:

  • Find the team’s owner ID
  • View a team's component activity feed
  • See scorecard performance at a high level
  • Navigate to their Atlassian Teams profile
  • View and edit team labels
  • Assign a component to the team
  • Remove a component from a team’s ownership
  • View CheckOps actions your team needs to take

Consider a team’s dashboard as a launchpad to do everything team-related in Compass.

The team dashboard page

  1. Team name: Describes the team by name, is the name other teams will search for to identify the people they need to reach.
  2. Team description: A description of who the team is and perhaps what they’re responsible for. Note: The team description is edited in the Atlassian Team profile for this team. See the Edit team profile button.
  3. Environment filter: Select which environment to view corresponding events for your team’s components.
  4. Team component activity feed: See your team’s components deployments and incidents on a timeline view.
  5. Labels: Key words that help you search for this team.
  6. Component list: A list of components this team owns and is responsible for.
  7. Edit team profile: Opens the Atlassian Team profile for this team where you can edit the team name, description, and see what other places this team is active across their Atlassian products.
  8. CheckOps actions: Any not completed action items generated from this team’s weekly CheckOps.
  9. Team member list: The list of individuals who are on this team, and share responsibility for the components this team owns.
  10. Scorecard quick view: Scorecard information at-a-glance with the scorecards listed that are applied to each component and what their scores are.

View a team's dashboard

You can view a team's dashboard by using one of the several methods.

To view a team’s dashboard:

  • select Team from the top navigation in Compass, then select your team's name from the Your teams list
  • search for the team and select its name from the search results
  • view the component's details, then select the team’s name on the Owner team card in the right sidebar

The URL of a team's dashboard never changes. Bookmark the URL to use it as an easy reference in the future.

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