Last updated Aug 23, 2021

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View a team's dashboard

What is the team dashboard?

A team’s dashboard is a centralized location where you can find information and perform different functions for your team.

You’ll find a team’s information, such as their name, description, members, and a list of components they own, on its dashboard.

You can also perform several team-related functions from the dashboard. For example, find the team’s owner ID, navigate to their Atlassian Teams profile, assign a component to the team, remove a component from a team’s ownership, assign a component to the team, and more,

Consider a team’s dashboard as a launchpad to do everything team-related in Compass.

View a team's dashboard

You can view a team's dashboard by using one of the several methods.

To view a team’s dashboard:

  • select Team from the top navigation in Compass, then select your team's name from the Your teams list
  • search for the team and select its name from the search results
  • view the component's details, then select the team’s name on the Owner team card in the right sidebar

The URL of a team's dashboard never changes. Bookmark the URL to use it as an easy reference in the future.

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